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Hallo from Kentucky! We got off to a slightly later start than anticipated, but that just gave me time to watch last week’s season ender of Doctor Who. Bonus lateness karma. I’ve also discovered that Ohio is even longer than the last 40 miles of Michigan, which go on for an eon, possibly two.

Gol-almighty! We’d be driving in Ohio and driving in Ohio and driving in Ohio and we felt certain that we’d have at least gone a quarter of the state you know? I mean, you’re on the road for two hours, surely you might have gone some distance on the map right? Au contrair. We’d drive and drive and drive and it would be 4.5 hours left to Louisville. Foo. Then we’d drive and drive and drive some more and it would be 4 hours and 20 minutes to Louisville despite the fact that the clock in the van advanced an entire hour. We weren’t stuck in traffic either so what’s going on with that? Ohians? Is Ohio on rollers like some sort of giant state sized treadmill? Dayum!

Finally we got to Cincinnati, which is a marvelously pretty area (because it has hills, unlike the entire seven hundred traveling hours of flat, flat, flat) and reminded me of the days of yore when we went to g’ma’s house in ‘Bama. Now I also know why we usually stopped in Kentucky somewhere to spend the night because THREE BAZILLION DRIVING HOURS OF OHIO! Anyhow, I haven’t traveled that route for 16 years or so, so it was fun to see some of the old sites. There area couple of churches I remember and some other buildings. The expressway seems to wind its way right down town, or at least right off of down town, which makes for nice scenery when you are bumper to bumper trying to cross the river. Fortunately, we did not get the parking lot effect but I remember being a wee one and creeping along ever so slowly towards the Kentucky border.

I like Kentucky. It’s pretty and full of hills.

We arrived around 5ish, give or take, and for all you adventurers out there traveling to Louisville; the town and surrounding area is not in the Central time zone. Just so you know. It took us a really and embarrassingly long time to figure that out. Yeah, hi. We’re from Michigan!

Sadly, we didn’t wind up locating our offices, despite being just about everywhere and talking to just about everyone (but not, apparently, the people who knew where we were going to be) but we found our rooms and the apartment. The rooms are pretty sweet, just a notch down from the Drury Inn rooms that TheMan and I usually have for Origins and only that because there is not a fridge in the room, but the apartments. Dayum, I wanna spend some time living in a hotel apartment. It’s bigger than our house. There are two little study rooms about the same size as our second room, a king sized bed room (with the king bed) that’s about the size of our living room (and it has a walk in closet that bigger than our bathroom), a kitchen about the size of our living room, a washer and dryer area about the size of our bedroom and a dining/family room area that’s…just huge. Oh, did I mention the master bedroom? I guess not. I think you can easily fit two king sized beds (although it’s actually set up with two queens) in there and have room to hold a jazzersize class. It also has a small office sized walk in closet and a bathroom you can get lost in. The only minus is that there is no Wifi connectivity in the apartment. Otherwise, I’d just never leave.

Oh wait. We were facing the river, which had a riverboat parked on it and the riverboat had a calliope. The riverboat also felt the need to serenade us with its “charming” repertoire of calliope tunes and since it wasn’t going anywhere with its steam driven self, it had a lot of power to divert into song! Damn, but parked riverboat calliope is loud. I wanted to go to the ball park only because it was about five miles out of town and I thought I just might be able to hear myself think at that distance. Maybe I’ll rethink that hotel living a bit.

After ogling the rooms and whatnot and failing to find the office space (and going quite zippity doodah deaf), we wandered around the town a bit to catch the night life and find dinner. We ended up down the way at an area designated Fourth Street Live (versus Third Street Tape Delay?) which was a block section of Fourth street that was roofed over with a very cool glass thingit and stuffed with a bunch of restaurants, bars, shops and general places to hang. Apparently, by day it’s an ordinary street but by night it’s a block party. We caught it during its block party persona and decided to grab some eats at Maker’s Mark blah blah something or other not important restaurant subtitle. Great food, awesome decorating, meh atmosphere (the music was LOUD!) and a tad snooty on the service. Despite our getting in and seated wearing jeans, I felt like our waiter fella thought we ought to be wearing something a little more black and a little more appropriately clubby.

Afterwards, we wandered back and crashed for the night. Tomorrow begins the craziness (we need to find our office!) in which the rest of the team arrives and we (hopefully) get up and set and running. Wish us luck!

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