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MBTI Madness: ENTP here taking care of all your Extrovert needs.

[rant on]

Molasses people, molasses! My computer is un-fucking-believably slow. It’s possessed by demons I tell you. In fact, my entire world of electronic doodads have been possessed from the lowly alarm clock to my zippy happy work computer of the future! I have been having this weird “can not find server” page error that pops up occasionally but then I hit back and “No, really, THIS page” and it seems perfectly happy about it. Why it couldn’t find the page three seconds earlier I don’t know but there as if I hadn’t been having any trouble at all sits the page I wanted to get to.

My e-mail? Keeps timing out on me BUT manages to send the stupid message on the second try. Just call me “Do it again (in slow motion) boo” from here on out eh? Stupid stupid. Answering machine? I couldn’t recognize my good friend’s voice because answering machine put this weirdo spin verb voice disguise on the play back. That’s OK, he couldn’t recognize the out going message either and TheMan has a pretty distinctive voice. I should check the outgoing message to make sure it hasn’t changed into “There is no TheMan or boo, only Zuul!” That might explain a few things. Crappy, bitchy, stupid stupid, nut sacker, foul assed, shit bag technology demons. Hate ’em.


[/rant off]

OK, so where was I? Oh yeah, MBTI. It’s this personality type “indicator” and I quote indicator because “test” implies that there are right and wrong answers and there is no write and wrong in MBTI (only Zuul!) that tells you what preferences you have for four different categories. You got your Extroverts vs. your Introverts (let’s get ready to rumble?), your Sensors vs. your Intuiters, your Thinkers vs. your Feelers and your Judgers vs. your Perceivers. It’s sorta like a Jungian astrology calendar except it’s based on your personal preferences for doing things and you can change your type over time or space or whatever.

So we did this thing and gee all surprise surprise I’m an extrovert! Whoda thunk eh? Well, yeah. And Fourth of July is on the Fourth. So anyway, it was a pretty cool session and if I was really a cool person and not a lazy couch fuck I’d link to all sorts of cool places but I’m not and I so am so you’re gonna hafta google it yourself. Can’t even tell you how to spell it either (heh, hee! I’m always Meijers-Briggsing it anyway and THAT aint going to help ya one iota so even if I DID spell it out it would probably be wrong and instead of going to the personality test thing you’d end up shopping for Easter candy mad close out sales and flip flops in February. Heh, you know that amuses me). We did a pretty cool group exercise that had us paired off into our main groups (I was in Thinkers cuz I think!) and we had this problem we had to solve and we had to write down the steps that we took to solve it yadda yadda group activity cakes. Unknown to us, our opposite group had the same problem so when we all came back together, they put the flow charts side by side so we could see how each group went about doing its thing. Pretty illuminating when you get it in a concrete example like that. We also had snacks and you gotta love a mandatory work function with snacks. Maybe I should be a ENTHungry. Ooo Ooo or a ENTMooch! Heh!

Hee, Monday TheMan decided on tea instead of coffee so I grabbed the wedding favor tea bag we got a couple of weekends ago and plopped it in for a steep. Ten minutes later I pulled out this HUGE sodden completely bloated tea bag (of doom) from an opaque cup of tea. I guess it was more of a family serving tea bag than a single cup tea bag. Woke me up though, one chewy bitter sip of intense TEA supplied a weeks worth of caffeine tastiness. Can’t say either of us finished any more than that. Yikes. Note to self: Directions good!

TheMan pulled a lovely last night (after being a butt about it. Yeah you, butt!). Have I told the Concert-T story yet? I’m going to go look through the archives a moment, hold on…alright, I can’t find it so here it goes (and if I put it somewhere where I’m not finding it because I’ve mislabeled it then feel free to skip ahead). One day, TheMan’s good bud Rob and his good bud Joel go off to a Rush concert. I’m a pretty big Rush fan myself, but not so much of the early days (I tend to break out into giggles because they sound like a poor man’s very bad excuse for Led Zepplin) more of the “crap synth” days. The Spirit of Radio is my all time bestest most favorite song ever (not just Rush tunes, but all tunes) and I have most of all of their albums. Even the ones that sound like ass. Why? I couldn’t just trust the other Rush fans, I had to buy the crap myself and yes, it was pretty noxious.

So Rob picks up a concert-T and gives it (unknown to me) to TheMan before we all go out to dinner. When the bill comes, TheMan tells Rob that he will pay for Rob’s dinner and everything is cool. Oh? “What did you get from Rob?” Naturally, I ask this because I’m curious. TheMan’s answer: “Oh, nothing.” BZZZZT, wrong. Never never never tell the world’s most curious person “Oh nothing”. Worse than that, do not follow it up with “Don’t worry about it.” Even worse than that is Ohio so you can see the badness of this here. We had a crank fest all the way home. “What?” “Nothing.” “What?!” “Nothing.” “What?!!” “Nothing!!” until I was in a bitchy mood. So I started to get ready for bed, but TheMan was hanging around lurking. “Go away”, “no”, “go away”, no etc. followed by me closing the door, him opening it and so on until I blew up at him and stomped off to bed ranting like a sailor and Oh! Concert-T! Under the pillow! Awwwww, I love you!

Man, did I have egg on my face.

This week, it all started with the Johnny Cash CD but I claim I was less the butt than you know who. Hrrmmm! I e-mailed TheMan and told him I got something cool but wouldn’t tell him what. Mind you, he only suffered half a freeking day before on the way home I showed him what I had gotten. Half a day. Half! Six hours tops, alright? Just setting you up for the perspective. The very next day, he tells me that he got me something and wont tell me. Alright, this was April 10th, and yesterday was the 15th so I’m talking 120 hours of “I know something YOU don’t know”. Yeah, I’m going to order all sorts of slow moving shit now and do the whole “I got you something but I’m not telling you what. Ever.” thing. I hate waiting. The only thing worse than waiting is knowing that you are waiting for something to come “one of these days”. Damn, man, harsh. I nearly exploded.

So Bup of BoxJam’s Doodle was selling T-shirts and I e-mailed TheMan to ask if he wanted to get one or not. Well, technically two: one for me and one for him. Yeah, matching shirts OK? Just shut up, they are cool shirts. Are too! Hrrrmph. So he says “Yeah!” but forgets to order them (he has PayPal, otherwise I would have gotten them). Forgets, forgets, forgets and Bup is out of shirts. Ah well, I think, that just means we were fated not to get them. Sad but I deal.

When we get home last night and ready for bed I do that pillow adjust thing which I always do before getting into bed because we keep the pillows down a bit from the top to keep burrowing kitties from sleeping on them directly and I find something under my pillow! A BoxJam-T! Wheee! TheMan was all pleased as peaches with himself. He’s a good person and I love him even when he is being a butt. Besides, I have a kick ass BoxJam T now. Go me.

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