Still Alive and Kicking…

Oh gees. Wow. It’s taken me most of the weekend (heh…POOOOST DATING!) to get my head on straight but at last, here is a bit about what I’ve been up to in Kentucky. It was pretty crazy at the Transplant Games so this is more of a highlights reel than a blow by blow but you get what you pay for. Heh. Anyway, take a look at the Webcast site over at TransWeb.Org for pics and stories and such of what went down in Louisville. Oh, I linked directly to the 2006 Webcast, so if you want to poke about in the games of days gone past, I think there is a pull down on the right hand side of the menu bar and if you want to poke around the TransWeb site you can always go to the parent directory. Have at it!

So! The 2006 U.S. Transplant Games. Mostly, this time out, I was Office Manager Supreme and Queen of food and picture back-ups. This meant that I was hanging around the office for most of the time burning CDs or coordinating info or getting food orders and running food. We did have a few problems to negotiate, which meant I got to zoom here and there in the hotel or even a couple blocks over (where the conveniently located Starbucks was right off the Pedway) so I got out and talked to some people. It helped that our hotel was the main nerve center for the National Kidney Foundation along with a double handful of teams.

Team Philadelphia had a lot of people. A lot of lot. They were the biggest team there (112? 125? Over 100 anyway) but I’ll swear that they multiplied once they all got here. Or maybe they just sprouted an extra little kid or two because there were tiny team Phillylets everywhere. I think the entire kid participant roster of the Games was made up of team Philly kids. It was a guaranteed thing to spot at least one team Philly members while peding over to the Starbucks or down the street for other supplies but most often they came in twos or the occasional threesome. The kids, on the other hand, came in one giant horde of 30 or more. I lost count after they filled up three elevators of red shirted Phillylets.

Elevators. GodDAMN. Why did it seem that every time I had to use the elevator that everyone else in the entire hotel also had to use the elevator? And people? When the doors open and there are 3 bazillion people packed in the car who holler out “We’re full” that means that there is no more room for any more people. Specifically you there, pushy Ms. Entitlement. Goram self centered people, I almost sat on someone in a wheelchair because “Not full can not possibly mean ME” shoehorned her way into the overburdened car despite our cries of “NOOOOOOOOO!” I suppose I could have not taken the elevators up and down if I wasn’t on the 22nd floor and working on the 3rd but I am not in 19 floors of stairs worth of shape. Still, at times there were so many people crammed around trying to go somewhere that I would have beaten the elevator to my destination by hoofing it.

F-OOO-D. The first day before the games was really the only day we didn’t eat in at the office. It just gets too bazoo to organize a lunch raid to a nearby restaurant once the pics and stories start rolling in. Alas, there was a neat little Japanese sushi place just underneath the office space (I think the conference rooms were on the second floor of a commercial two story building thing that had a bunch of restaurants and what not on the lower street side) that I never got to. We did have ample opportunity to do a lot of Cinnamon Spice Mocha raids to the nearby Starbucks and we ordered in a lot. We also had one weird day where Starbucks ran out of water (Ehhh? How doe s that happen? I mean…coffee house! Gah! I think the water main was acting odd, but the barista dude told me “We ran out of water” which was really quite funny) and the pizza place ran out of dough. That’s…just weird.

Speaking of pizzas! We ordered the BEST pizza ever one night (Spirelli’s, if you are ever in Louisville) only because a place called “Louigi’s” didn’t answer their phone. How cool would it have been to get pizza from Louigi’s? Before you wonder on that, the answer is: kinda weird, actually. We called for pizza on…oh hell. Does it really matter? Let’s say Tuesday night. Anyway, that was the day Starbuck’s ran out of water and Spirelli’s ran out of dough but also the night Louigi’s answered their phone. Keen. Louigi’s was “right down the road” from the hotel so I thought, “Bonus, we’ll get fast pie delivery!” What I didn’t realize was that because Louigis was just down the road, they were going to deliver our pies by foot courier. The fella showed up not in a uniform with the pies snugged in a warmer sack and slung jauntily over his shoulder in a waiter carry, but in a grease spotted T and apron, sporting yesterday’s (or possibly the day before’s) bed head do and rolling the pies on a wire office cart. Well…OoooKay then. For the record, Spirelli’s is the better pie.

I scored a Team Wisconsin squishy cow. YAY! I was unable to score a Team Wisconsin sacred spotted cowbell though. Team Philly may have had the most members, but Team Wisconsin had the most boisterous fans. They went everywhere with their large hand held “Wisconsin Fan Club” signs and their bells and cows and apparently they made quite the cheering ruckus at the opening 5K run. In fact, word has it they went en mass everywhere and made quite the cheering ruckus at whatever event they happened to land themselves at. Those crazy cheese heads (and yes, they also brought their hats along).

I think the Webcast team shot over 13,000 pictures (about 50 gigs if I remember my numbers right) and wrote more than 25 stories over the four days we were there. We were running on short funds so everything you see was accomplished with two photographers (plus three free lance photographers who dropped off a couple of discs), two writers, one tech processor (Yay TheMan), one overall content editor and a part time remote web person. Oh, and me; gopher extraordinaire. I think all in all, we produced a darned fine Webcast of the games this time out. Huzzah, and here’s hoping Pittsburgh is a go in ’08.

(and if you are reading this and have a lot of lot of money to give to a worthy and charitable cause and want your name in big, bold, sponsor letters on the back of a nifty purple shirt, give TransWeb a look see. I’m just sayin…purple is the in color, you know!)

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