Bring Me A Higher Lunch

Why is it that the older I get the less I am able to handle these all nighter type situations? Back in the day (both ways, uphill, in the snow) I could stay up until 4 and then be recouped by the eve of the next day, maybe the morning after that. Now? I’m still feeling the effects of the Wednesday morning 4am to bed 8:30 to rise and drive back home from Kentucky. That shit took me right out for the whole weekend and I still don’t feel right.

Naturally, we didn’t do a whole lot over the weekend. TheMan was In. A. Mood. as well so we didn’t get our social time in with anyone who might have wanted to be social. We also didn’t get any Origins prep done, which included laundry, button making, food buying and general house cleaning. Hey, I’ve got today and tomorrow right? Oi! As Badmovie put it, “If all else fails, we can set up button making on one of the breezeway tables and make it a promotional thing!” I like it! And it also means I don’t have to work my finger to the bone making buttons tonight and tomorrow, although I probably will make a small supply for the first day anyway. The thing is, I don’t have to be up all night pressing buttons if we’re making it a promotional experience. Yay Badmovie and his ideas!

I do have a garden report and that report goes like so: all but one of my crazy rosebush cutting have up and died. Or at least they have all up and crispied with the leaf shriveling and dropping off and whatnot so I’m assuming they are toast. I’m thinking the front garden is just too sunny for the rootlings (save the one mutant which is surviving so far). C’est live, it certainly is in keeping with my rose growing philosophy: Survive on your own or get replaced. We did wind up zooming out and about on Sunday so I took the opportunity to hack off more of the crazy rosebush for cuttings. This time I planted the cuttings in pots, which I then covered with a nice baggie hat and stuffed under the truck. I don’t think too much sunlight is going to be a problem for this new batch. Backing over them and squishing them flat does present a real danger however. I hope I remember to drag the pots out from under the behemoth before taking it for a spin.

My second garden report is that I seem to have lost 3 onions and 5 garlic plants in the second salsa garden. Sadly, this leaves me with just 31 garlic plants and 69 onions. Will anyone be wanting some garlic or onions later on in the season? I might have some extra. Oi! I also planted two of the four vacant squares with radishes, so we shall see how that works. My main garden is chugging away with some enthusiastic tomato plants, prolific chili peppers, beans and peas. Oh, and a square of onions as well (which were not part of the count above. What can I say; we are some onion and garlic loving people). And that concludes the garden report for 6/26/06.

Of course we played some WoW (the game). Mostly we dinked around with the horde characters basically noodling around. I did manage to take down a much higher level Alliance player, but he was already badly wounded and I was right near a horde outpost. Hi! My name is cheap shot. He got his though when he snuck into the horde town and ganked my poor character while she was buying spices. Man, that’s cold! Let a girl finish her shopping before taking her out eh? I was also pretty amused because the dude snuck into a horde town! Guarded by a pack of horde guards! Plus, there happened to be about 10 level 60 horde players noodling around. I think he did that just to say that I got lucky when I killed him. Hey, I don’t care; I got a ton of honor points for whacking his sorry mostly dead hinder. Heh.

OK, I gotta go get ready for vacation number two (in TWO DAYS!).

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