Totally Unprepared

In a little over 24 hours we are Origins bound. Guess what I have done so far?

If you guessed ‘NOTHING’ you would be…wrong! Minus boo points for you. However, if you said ‘NEXT TO NOTHING’ you would be…totally right! Give yourself about five billion boo points since that’s about what I have left to do on my list of five billion and three things to be accomplished before we leave. And so, in total blog dictator fashion, I’m going to use the booniverse as a scratch sheet to cyberly scrawl out my to do list.

First, may I give myself a nice pat on the back for getting all but one half load of laundry done? I think I shall. I only get one pat though as the laundry is still currently lounging around my room in laundry baskets because someone is too lazy to fold the clean clothes. I have nothing packed yet, unless you count the clothes that came out of the luggage Wednesday and didn’t manage to make it any further than a nearby empty laundry basket (and then onto the bed when I had to use the basket, then back into the basket when it was full of fresh clean clothes). My excuse is that we are taking some of the clothes with us and they are still folded so why bother putting them away? I may very well call that “partially packed” and feel good about it.

My blog, my delusions!

I don’t want to talk about the Horde. In fact, I’m going to cover my ears and sing my ‘La-la-la’ tune until another subject comes up. Like promotionals! I am so out of tune with the whole Origins gearing up that I almost completely forgot about my Ninja Promotional stuff. In fact, if I hadn’t been loafing around the garage looking for my clippers (for the crazy rosebush lopping experiment, take two) I wouldn’t have laid eyes on the box lid that has all our Smithee Trashcan containers. I probably wouldn’t have missed them until Saturday either, but fortunately the gold shiny! was enough to snap me out of my one track garden reverie. Oh yeah. Mental note to self: Grab two o’ them cans for give aways. Now where did I put those clippers?

See? There is a point to gardening. It keeps the ol’ plork from getting soft and squidgy. Or something. Anyway!

As of yesterday morning I had exactly no buttons or magnets made. So I got down to it yesterday evening and busted out some grass ninja pins and now I have a whopping 20 pins and magnets. Yeah. As Badmovie said, “If worse comes to worse, we can always set up the button maker at one of the breezeway tables and make it into a promotional event.” Methinks worse has come to worse and also that Badmovie has a brilliant promotional mind. I think I may even grant him the rank of Promotions Ninja in Training (P-nit). I also think I don’t want to press a couple hundred buttons tonight. Excellent plan! The button maker comes with us and dealing with the fallout of my button non-making laziness becomes an event!

Lastly, I have to do more shopping tonight because someone, despite two previous trips to the store, can not remember to cart along one simple shopping list. Someone also can’t seem to remember everything on the list even though it only had seven items. Ergo, someone is on their fourth consecutive trip to the store this week. Le sigh. If my head weren’t permanently affixed to my body I swear I’d be leaving it somewhere every third day. I’d have to have one of those “This Head Belongs to Boo: If found please return…” signs on it so that people would take pity on me and mail my head back after I left it someplace. On the other hand, I’d enjoy seeing the postman’s expression when he delivered my head to me (what’s in the box!??). Errr…that is I would if my head weren’t in the box that I was signing for.

Walk across my lawn will you? FINE! I’ll just purposely leave my head somewhere and then you’ll have to deliver it back to me! HA!

Last year at the booniverse: That evening we pressed 100ish buttons and Sunday we pressed 100ish magnets and lo! The Smithee promo prep was done. (Technically the unfinished sock puppet isn’t on the promo stuff list so HA!)

Last last year at the booniverse: The row shuffle looked like auditorium space invaders but we successfully got 11 rows of chairs to more or less uniformly advance by a whole row.

The year before at the booniverse: I got a tie. A TIE! I lost and got a tie.

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