Origins 06: Prequel

I only have a few pics (this whole trip…oh right, POOOOST DATING!) so I’m afraid the whole Origins Picto Blog is a bust. Also, unless there are quite a bit more pics than I realize, I don’t think that I’m going to stuff these entries under the picto-blogging heading either. I do, however, remember a couple things so here it goes.

Ohio. Dayum. There is nothing quite so soul sucking as having to traverse Ohio three times in less than a fortnight. Oh wait, there is: Having to traverse Ohio the third time in less than a fortnight after working an 8 hour day. Not only is the first half of Ohio flat and boring but at night it’s dark and flat and boring. This did not deter me much from doodling about with the camera though.

Look! The sun sets all pretty like on Ohio. OOOooooooo!

We lugged our dolly wheelie cart along soas to have wheels for the Smithee Crap. We are smart! SMRT! Sadly, we were not smart enough to pack the dolly wheelie thing on the bottom so for quite a ways the wheels went SQUEEKIESQUEEKIESQUEEKIE. Then I had the brilliant (BRILLIANT!) idea to tip the bagels over onto them in hopes that the weight would shut them up and the bagels would be mooshy enough to mold over the wheels and stay there. I am smart! And also…multipurpose breakfast eats! Whoooo!

For whatever reason, the time we left (7:30ish?) put us in the middle of flatland at the same time as every other trucker in the United States. Here is my interpretive pictographical representation of the three middle hours of our trip. Truck. Truck. Truck. Truck. Hey, car! Truck. Truck. Truck. In fact, that might not really be a poor picture taken without a flash in light that is too low for the camera to adequately register (at least for a crisp picture) but the actual way everything looked after eight hours of working and three hours of flat twilight.

We finally rolled in at about 10:30 give or take, just a good double handful of minutes behind Badmovie and LunarGeography. They weren’t even unpacked, but of course Badmovie had already staked out the best bed in the room. He always does that, even when we got there first one year! He always tries to logic ninja looting the bed with facts and persuasive arguments and briefs and whatnot, and this year he upped the ante by bringing a C-Pap machine. OoooHO! It’s the old bring a C-Pap machine that has to plug into the outlet that is only by the best bed trick. I’m on to YOU mister! My insight didn’t do me a whole lot of good, however because once again TheMan and I were bed pwned. D’oah!

We gabbered a bit and then tucked in for the night. Do you know what the perfect ending is to a day where I had to get up, go to work and then drive through the flat of Ohio in the middle of the night? Staying in a smoking room because the hotel was completely booked up over a year in advance and one smoking room was all they had left. DAYUM you stanky-ass smokers. Nobody in our party was lighting anything up and the room was thick with stank-nasty smoke reek. The only high point was that we decided we might as well buy some incense and burn that to try and cover the atmospheric smoke putrescence. It was a smoking room after all.

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