Origins 06: Whee!ling Dealing

Check it out! We were up in time for complimentary hot breakfast and out the door by…ahhh…well it was quite a bit before 10. In the morning.

The dealer’s room was scheduled to open at precisely 10ish this year and we wanted to be on top of that action because we had a mission of utmost time sensitivity. A web comic artist we all rather enjoy was going to be at Origins this year and he brought with him a limited stack of his new book. *SQUEEE*! So, because this convention was bound to be full of other people who also had the SQUEEE for Oots, we needed to get a wiggle on so we could nab us some limited books. This meant we first had to go get…

Dum Dum Dum!

[cue ominous reverb f/x] Our badges.

This year, the badge getting was just…easy as pie. Mmmmm, pie. In fact, it was not only easy as pie but tasty as pie too…for certain values of tasty which directly correlate to non-hassley badge acquisition. I was shocked (Shocked!). LunarGeography and I wandered over to the registration area, got in the info line (which moved at a slow but steady pace) and then told our sad story to the fella behind the desk thing-it. The Smithees really don’t fall into any of the emblazoned desk thing-it categories so it’s always an interesting experience to try and get our con badges. This year, the one fellow manning the desk thing-it was so on top of things that he disappeared before we could get through explaining our situation. The other fella who was left seemed to know all about the Smithees (bonus!) and he blathered on with us about the show until the first guy rematerialized with our badges 5 minutes later. All the badges were there, no one was misspelled and they were all for the current year. When has that ever happened? They either really have their stuff together this year or they have screwed up the Smithee badges enough years running that they are keeping an extra eye out for Smithee badge problems. Whatever…BADGES!

Then it was onwards to the dealer room! Whoot. We got in, found the Oots booth and waited in line for a long time to get a personalized character drawing from Mr. Burlew. I also got a button of V because…buttons! and because it alleviated my growing case of “Bored Now” which I tend to get when standing in long unmoving lines. Sadly, they were out of Elan and Belkir buttons (my first two choices) so I couldn’t gawk at my new shiny! as happily as I wanted to. Realistically the wait wasn’t all that bad…I mean, what are we going to do all day anyway but walk through the dealer room and that wouldn’t take but maybe three hours tops. Plus, personalized books. Coooooool. Also, Rich Burlew looks completely different than I thought he would. For some reason I though he’d be about 40, balding and short; I think I might be confusing my web artists.

After getting our signed books we…walked through the dealer room. Imagine that! There were, of course, dice. And more dice. And shirts, with a side of more shirts. Costume-y things of cape, leather and steel varieties and games. As a funny side note, James Ernest’s Cheapass games came out with a revamped “Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond” game (I believe they had a cease and desist order slapped on them for the title) called “Jame’s Ernest’s Totally Renamed Spy Game”. It might even have the same graphics as the formerly named Bond game. Heh. To sum up the dealer room vamosey (mosey with a purpose), the button selection was poor, there weren’t a lot of exciting new games out, there were 4 new Fluxx cards (one was free, the rest you had to work for) and I don’t think I made it to the Red Shirt games booth despite hitting the dealer’s room twice. Sorry Red Shirt guys.

Afterwards, we sorta hung around for happy hour at the hotel, went to dinner, came home and made plans for Friday. OH! Right! We managed to finagle a non-smoking room out of the desk lady and it took us all of about five minutes to pack up, move out and settle into a new room. We then spent quite some time reveling in the absence of a smoking miasma. I got no pictures of most of the day because I was carting around our new Smithee Promo (which is in the beta stages of ready).

Behold! The Mighty Smithee Messenger Bag! Sadly, it’s a little too big to cart around and have the camera along as well. I need a small baggable camera that takes fabulous pictures and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. While I’m at it, I’d like a pony and unlimited M&Ms for the rest of my life too.

Just checking.

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