Origins 06: Would You Could You When You’re Rich?

I guess one day is the extent of our ability to get up in time for the Drury Breakfast goodness. Ahh well, that’s why we brought breakfast bagels with us. Whooo!

Today started out a little later than yesterday because we really didn’t have much on our agenda and why get up early when you don’t have to? That’s exactly what we thought, so we didn’t. I can’t remember what time it was that we rolled out, but I do believe it was a two meal day. This sort of thing happens when you are eating breakfast at lunch time. I think we also made our second pilgrimage to Starbucks today. Maybe. I lose track of these things if I’m not properly caffeinated. Mmmmm, tasty, tasty cinnamon spice mochas.

Oh! I forgot to include my purchases from yesterday. We visited the shop with Stuff On A Stick (where I brought a jelly fish from last year) and lo! They had a pink jelly on a stick. I brought a blue jelly last year and had no clue that the jelly fish came in boy jellies and girl jellies. Of course I picked up a girl jelly. I’m hoping that if I leave them alone together long enough I’ll have little jellies. Awwwww! I also got a new Cheese Weasel magnet because our first one faded. The Cheese Weasel guy was aware of this problem so he replaced my Cheese Weasel magnet free of charge. Magnanimous of the fella, I thought, so I bought a Borg Cheese Weasel magnet.

I am Weasel of Cheese…prepare to be assimilated.

The rest of the loot, I believe, were buttons, which were on the Smithee bag. We did not hit the dealer room today, but rather gathered up the button making supplies and hung out in the breezeway hawking buttons. We started out with the extreme lazy method of three man button making (man one assembles, man two crimps and man three presses) but then I got promoted/demoted/shuffled off to accosting people. Apparently, I’m good at getting people to take buttons. Personally, I think it’s the quick fast confusing sell accompanied by the repeated word “FREE”. We did quite well, loafed about buttoning for maybe three hours and then headed off to dinner. It was an everybody get together thing at Bucca de Beppo’s.

After eats, the boys took off to play an ongoing campaign while LunarGeography, Paul the Other and I went in search of the Looney Labs promo cards. We managed to trade one for a button and another for sitting in on a non promo game but the last card we had to actually follow the rules to acquire. Man, I hate that. Anyway, whilst playing a game of Eco-Fluxx (new this year I believe), they made an announcement that the Looney Labs experiment room would be closing for a bit to all non Lab Rabbits, unless you were in the middle of a game. Which we were. So we stayed, but with an eye to hurrying things along. I thought they might be having a staff meeting, but instead, they created a walkway out of the life sized pyramid pieces and proceeded to have a Lab Rabbit wedding.

One of the Rabbits was an ordained fella (from some church of probably send in some money and get a certificate) and he officiated over two other Rabbits who were tying the knot. The owner of the company (Mr. Looney himself) gave the bride away and the couple wrote their own vows. Dr. Seuss style. At the end, the bride threw her bouquet of Looney Lab flowers at the crowd of everybody and we all got wedding favors of special Fluxx wedding promo cards. It was the best wedding I’ve ever accidentally attended.


And what could top that off? Why playing a game of “Are You A Werewolf”! We’d never played it, they were running it, we joined in. It was also an “event” game so we had to have tickets or token or some other official Origins game participation thing. Whatever, it was the first game I’ve ever actually signed up for as an event game. Two firsts in one night! I also accidentally got Paul the Other lynched in one of the werewolf games so there’s the charm for my night of firsts. I’m not entirely sure about the werewolf game. I seemed to get eaten pretty regularly by the werewolves except when I was one. Then I was lynched by the villagers (fair enough I suppose. After all, I was eating them every night so I guess lynching is a good comeback). LunarGeography won every game she was in except for the one where I was lynched.

So, is the attribute that makes me good at giving people buttons the same attribute that makes me tasty to werewolves?

Cheeeese Weasel!

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