Origins 06: It’s Show Time!

Day two: no free breakfast. I guess technically it is day 3 of the con, but day 2 of not bothering to get up in time for food. Oh, I take that back. I made it down with 5 minutes to spare and grabbed some sausages and biscuits to take up to the room. So, sorta breakfast. Kinda.

Anyway, it was show day which meant that LunarGeography and I headed out and let the boys get their Smithee freak on. It’s never really pretty so we let them have their preshow break downs in the quiet private of us not being there. I think we made the daily pilgrimage to Starbucks and then tooled about the dealer room for a bit. We might have visited the Looney Labs in search for the elusive last card. Eventually we snagged us the last tree and huzzah! Fluxx mission accomplished.


Around 4ish we headed back to the hotel to discover Badmovie and the Sultan lounging in the lounge. Mr. Smithee was a tad behind in his Smithee homework so the Sultan came over to chat with us folks at the Drury. I’m not sure of all the specifics; I didn’t exactly ask. On show day it’s best to just nod and smile when dealing with any of the supreme committee members (much less three of them). TheMan was upstairs in the room doing TheMan things and having a really mild Smithee freak out. We ate, got dudded up, loaded up and moved out.

TheMan wheeled (because we brought the small flat moving dolly for the cooler and Smithee promotions box. Best thinks we ever thunk!) the stuff to the ballroom about an hour and a half early while LunarGeography and I got our Smithee beauty on. I’m not sure when and where Badmovie disappeared. I don’t think he left with TheMan, but he wasn’t with LunarGeography and I when we stopped for a “Manager’s Reception” drink to go. What? You wouldn’t have wanted us to waste free drinks would you? That’s alcohol abuse!


We arrived and as usual there were already a good double handful of people in the room. TheMan said they were there when he rolled in an hour and a half early. You crazy Origins Smithee fans! LunarGeography and I got to bustin out the ballot kits and everything was golden. Some highlights were: I got two different people to get me munchies during the show. One asked if he could bring food in and I said jokingly yes, as long as he brought me something. He came back with pizza and M&Ms. YAY M&Ms! Another group of people went and got them some Coldstone Creamery ice cream and came back with a little baby serving for me. YAY ice cream! I shared both my spoils with LunarGeography, although we had to improvise on the spoons.

The Guns of El Chupacabra was the audience’s pick for favorite movie this year. By the end of the show (Worst Picture) a block of fans spread themselves out in the audience and started up an alternating chant of “CHUPA!” : “CABRA!” from either side of the venue. I don’t even want to talk about the massacre that was the battlefield of worst picture. Whereas Guns took A2 by 65% of the vote, Origins swooshed it in with a rocking 91%. They liked them some guns, apparently. I was very amused at the uproar when Guns was announced, particularly the obvious glee erupting from the Chupacabra supporters when they heard their film would be going to the MegaMeta3 show. The fans were just pleased pink…until the Sultan reminded them of the other four movies: Rollerblade, Zombie Lake, The Mighty Peking Man and Deadly Life of a Ninja. Oh the pain of decision! I bet most of the Chupacabra crazies were just as rabid about Rollerblade and Zombie Lake in years past. It gave them some pause in their jubilant Chupacabra celebration.

The show was done and we were toast so we packed up and got toasted and ate pizza. Yay Badmovie pizza Venn diagram!

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