The All Booz Review

What do boo and TheMan drink for a nice relaxing evening?
What’s the usual stock? What totally tastes like ASS?
Inquiring minds get to know in: The liquor cabinet exposed!

Yesterday I went to the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese shop as planned (yeah, it’s got a real name and my calling it the C3 shop isn’t my clever way of protecting the innocent, but rather my “I can’t remember what the heck that store is called but they have a neon sign that says Cheese, Cheese, Cheese so I’m going with that” way.) and picked up more scotch and some amaretto to refill the supply. TheMan and I keep a standard stock of liquor handy and this morning I decided to take a peek into our standards and preferences.

A fully stocked booz cabinet in the house of Q contains: Spiced rum (Captain Morgan’s Special Reserve), coffee liquor (Kahlua), Irish cream (Baileys. Don’t make the mistake of straying down the path of The Other Brands because you will be mightily sorry for it. Trust me), scotch (Glenfiddich), orange liquor (Grand Marnier), Vodka (Skyy), amaretto (Disaronno), sherry (Dry Sac? I hate sherry so TheMan will have to answer that question) and ermm…well Drambuie. Don’t know what general class that falls under. For the lighter drinks TheMan would steer you towards Sierra Nevada Pale Ale while I would most likely offer you New Castle Pale Ale or maybe a corona with lime if the day warranted it. Nothing better on a hot summer day than a nice cool corona with a squozed key lime dinking about the bottle. In the evenings we might offer you an Alice White Shiraz or a Rosemont Estates Treminiar Riesling.

That is our fully stocked cabinet and fridge and freezer and wine cellar. We have been known though, on occasion, to step outside the box and try new and different things. For instance, yesterday I came home from the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese shop with a bottle of recommended The Balvenie Doublewood scotch in my hot little hands. I had it under good authority that this was the stuff dreams are made of. Yeah, if those dreams were nightmare induced. Ass, I tell you…it tasted like complete ass. I generally go with the guidelines of “if it makes my head involuntarily do that “glarrrh” shaking back and forth thing, then I leave it alone and let me just say this had that going in spades. I got some fumes up my nose too and THAT was capital F fun. Whuh. If I need to strip paint off of anything, I now know what I’m going to try first.

The scotch thing has been developing over time and I think we have experimented the most with scotch and trying to find a better brand. TheMan had been drinking Cutty Sark before I met him (poor fella) and while Cutty Sark isn’t bad per se, it’s awfully bitey. I’m more of a smooth scotch drinker so I introduced him to Glenfiddich, which he has switched to now. We tried Glenlivet but that was a tad harsher than its Fiddich cousin. Other than the Balvenie, we have taste tested two other scotches but they have been kinda meh. I would rank them as 1. Glenfiddich, 2. Glenlivet, 3. Cutty Sark, 4. Any other brand, 5. The Balvenie. Of course I really don’t like sherry and Balvenie is aged in a sherry cask so that may be my source of loathing. Glarrrr.

Oh, wait. Tullamore dew. Technically, it’s an Irish whiskey and being a scotch drinker it really pains me to say that well, it now occupies the top spot above Glenfiddich. *sigh* the proud scotch drinker inside is completely humiliated. Hence the search for better scotch.

Spiced Rum. Well, I dislike spiced rum in general unless I’m adding it to something like cider. Of course just about anything mixable tastes OK with enough cider, coke, OJ, whatever so that isn’t saying much. I do like the special reserve though and I don’t find it too overpowering for drinking straight or mixing with other things. Odd.

Vodka. I think this is the second most experimented liquor in our cabinet. I have a pretty open mind about vodka as long as it has come from the freezer if I am drinking it straight up and if I am mixing, any vodka will do. TheMan however is pickier. He likes Skyy best after trying Absolute (ASS! At least according to him), Shmirnof and Thor’s Hammer. Plus, Skyy comes in a pretty dark blue bottle! Bonus!

Orange liquor. Grand Marnier is a thicker oranger and better than our current stock of cointreau. Basically, TheMan put it best when he said “It tastes like Grand Marnier light.” Well OK then, when the cointreau runs out we’ll switch back.

Coffee liquor. Kahlua is the way to go. I guess it is sort of the Grand Marnier of coffee liquors. Well, that was short. Moving on.

Amaretto. I have tried a couple other brands but Disaronno is the one that tastes the best to me. Really, TheMan is the amaretto drinker so I go with what he likes. It works.

Irish cream I can not stress enough that Bailey’s, although probably one of the more expensive of the lot, is the way to go. You get what you pay for and messing around with Irish creams can get scary. Mmm’kay? Just bite the bullet and get Bailey’s. No one need suffer the agony of Other Brand Irish creams.

Beer. Beer is one of those subjective things. There are also many more brands and types so everyone has their favorites and their “Tastes like ASS” picks but I have got to say mass produced American beer is just ASS. Don’t don’t don’t go the way of Bud or Busch or Miller and good god, put down and back away from anything that say’s lite. No really. Beer should be enjoyed, savored, experienced and not just drunk up and pissed out. If you are drinking beer with the same mindset as you drink water we need to talk. With that warning, let me tell you what I have found is pretty tasty. I like me some Newkie (New Castle Pale ale) but you can’t go wrong with a summer time lime and Corona. Dos Equis works too but it is a bit darker and heavier than Corona. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is good (TheMan’s pic) but a Newkie sits better with me. JW Dundee’s Honey Brown Ale is tasty but not quite on the same par as Newkie or Sierra. It does make a damn fine beer bread beer though and I have been experimenting with that recipe for quite a while. I’ll occasionally get some Sam Adam’s (Special? Reserve?) Ale (not the lager which seems more prevalent) or Bass Ale for in the fridge to drink. You know, maybe I should have labeled this ale instead of beer.

Wine. TheMan and I have been rating wines (as total amateurs I will confess but you like what you like right?) and we have a book thing we have been keeping with all our picks and pans. Someday I hope to put that on-line but for now these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head that we found particularly tasty. Alice White’s Shiraz is our fave red and the fave white would go to Rosemont Estate’s Treminier Riesling. We also have run across a Toasted Head Cabernet which is really good and a Sonnen Spaetlese (also in a cool blue bottle) which is darn fine drinkable. I think it’s a spaetlese. I’m sure TheMan will correct me at some point in time. He’s really more the wine nut of the two of us.

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