The Moving Ninja!

Good Monday to y’all. Today I have decided that I am most certainly getting old. Or maybe I’m so out of shape that I feel like I am most certainly getting old. Either way…OLD!

This weekend was almost mostly devoted to helping Badmovie and LunarGeography move out of their town house and into [cue fanfare] Their! New! House! YAY! Except for the whole moving part that is. I can’t really muster a YAY for the whole moving thing because ow. And tiring, but mostly ow. I’m not used to moving that many body parts all at once over an extended length of time. I can muster a YAY for a new house though because new places are sooooo cooool! I love new places. They are so full of potential. Where am I going to put the dresser? The couch? My three bazillion bits of kitsch? The opportunities are endless and there is no “Hrrrmmm. Not there because that’s where I had the couch last time”. What can I say? I’m a spaz when it comes to new places.

But first, we (and by we I mean the work crew because new house and out by Sunday = no Badmovie or LunarGeography) had ourselves a little Pirates of the Caribbean Part 2 party on Friday. In summation: Part 2: much funnier than Part 1 but in that Hollywood “this is going to be funny” way. I think Part 1 was more charming, fresh and a better story, but Part 2 had the Jack kabob and the waterwheel fight. I laughed so hard during Jack kabob that I think I wet my pants. Other than teh funnay, though, it was a sort of weak movie that relied a lot on special effects and Hollywood Wow. And also, it was definitely a middle movie…much like The Empire Strikes back but without the character development. Nice prosthetics and CGI work on Davy Jones though.

For those of you wondering, like I did, Davy Jones is not the legendary captain of the Flying Dutchman but a real life fella named either Fokken or Vanderdecken (depending on the source). Purportedly, the ship went down rounding the Cape of Good Hope but not before the Captain swore he’d round the cape if it took him until Judgment Day. Wala! Ghost ship. I hate when movies mess up legends like that. Hrrumph.

Saturday morning I got up early and wreaked a bit of havoc on the stoopid bush/weed tree evilness. I hacked it down to the stumpy stump (again) and did a little digging and root chopping but the big ball o’ root wouldn’t even budge when I tried to rock it around in the hole. Grrr. However, the agenda did not say “get devil root ball out of the ground” but rather “go medieval on its ass” and I think I accomplished that quite nicely. Around 2 LunarGeography called and asked if we could mosey on over to the old place…say 4ish. Hey…that would give TheMan and me plenty of time to roust up a Cinnamon Spice Mocha or a freezy drink. Mmmm.

This we did and then it was onwards! And boxwards. We packed a lot of lot of boxes into the truck and two cars and then zoomed them over to the new house. Sadly, the one trip exhausted all of Badmovie and LunarGeography’s packed boxes so when we rounded back to the old place we spent the rest of the evening packing up more boxes to ship out the next day. Heh, I don’t think Badmovie and LunarGeography realized what they unleashed when they set me loose in their kitchen to pack things up. I am a firm believer in the “no space left behind” initiative, ergo those dead spaces you might find in tea pots or large mugs or even a half box of Cheerios calls to me to find something to pack into them. Consequently, all the boxes I packed weighed around three tons. Badmovie and LunarGeography are going to be spending the next few years uncovering all the little bits and things I packed into other things. Hey, I just pack ’em like I see ’em.

Sunday I was again the Truck Ninja as Sunday was THE LAST LAST DAY. Things weren’t looking as peachy as they could have been, like everything had been packed and out sometime Friday, but then I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to play truck ninja for the second day in a row if they had. There was more packing and hauling and even more packing until we ran out of boxes. Hey, must be dinner time! Heh. Eventually more boxes were scrambled and the whole of the house was packed, loaded and shipped to the new place. LunarGeography and I made the last trip out with the cats at around midnight and I’m told Badmovie brought up the last of the last somewhere around 1:15 in the morning. The good news is that they are all moved! The bad news is that I’m not sure how they are going to find anything what with all the boxes and someone’s crazy packing. That, for me, is the absolute ugliest part of moving; wondering where exactly you put that thing you need right now. There’s always a thing that is needed right now that is packed, unlabeled (because you’re just positive you will remember that the toothbrush got packed with the Christmas wreaths!) and somewhere at the bottom of a huge stack of boxes. At least it always is with me. Maybe I ought to stop packing my toothbrushes in the Christmas decorations.

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