The law of state funded institutions is in glorious effect today. It sounds like a bunch of angry dentists are hammering around in my head except my whole office is shaking.

Shar used to work in the financial end at the U and she said that the state, or whoever doles out the dough, gives places such as the U a break if there is construction going on. Consequently, something’s always getting renovated, built or demolished around here. Well not here here but here in the whole U sense. If it were here here I’d have gone gabbering nuts a long time ago.

So! They have two construction projects…well sort of four projects now that I think on it, but two in-house and two in the immediate vicinity. For whatever reason, the powers that be (do I need to capitalize that? I’m feeling really lazy today and unless I’m breaking some sort of NATO accord I’m all for letting them small letter it. Everyone OK with that? Good! Moving on) decided that there would be a computer lab in the library. This week the construction dudes started dismantling the lounge which tptb deemed the sacrificial space to be repurposed. Did you know that there is a LOT of noisy drilling through concrete work that has to be done in order to convert a lounge into a computer lab? Oi!

A second aspect to the lab project is figuring out how they are going to run the power through the building. Thus, the electricians have also been hovering around, popping here and there, popping out ceiling tiles and popping their heads into that weird drop ceiling nether space all the while hemming and hawing about running conduit and what not. This morning they decided that a mere head popping wasn’t giving them the info they wanted so a couple of them crawled right up into the ceiling and disappeared. For the next hour the ceiling was yelling at itself about which conduit it could or could not use to run more power. I know more about how this place is wired because the ceiling kept yarbling on about it.

Unrelated to all of this is the something or other that is happening to the first floor men’s john. I have no idea what they are doing in there but it involves jack hammering and lengthy construction guy conversations and if you happen to be using the women’s john (conveniently parked right next door) you might get a couple fillings rattled loose. It sounds like they might be replacing the fixtures or maybe redoing the floor or possibly putting in a bistro. Whatever it is, between the lab, the talking ceiling and the jack hammering I can’t hear myself think. Some might think that a plus but my head is the thing that usually tells my mouth to shut up. I’m just sayin.

So while we have some internal demolition going on, outside and around the corner they took down an entire building (which they provided a demolition webcam for us to tune into!). The building was seven-ish stories tall and to my sadness they didn’t blow it up to collapse it. That would have been the coolest. Instead, they spent three weeks or so ssssssssloooooowly chippering away at the building. Brick by brick, re-rod by re-rod. Chip, chip, chip like the world’s laziest piranhas just casually eating their pray to the bone.

OK, if I wasn’t going to get one spectacular boom of building demolition, watching a crew of steam shovels chew away at the side of a building was probably the next best thing. We had bets going as to when they would chew to tall for the wide and bring the entire thing down around their ears but alas. We were not rewarded with such a sight. No dynamite and no catastrophic structural failure of a good portion of a tall building just takes all the fun out of destroying things. Hrrumph. What they wound up doing was chewing the building alarmingly skinny and then getting their really tall chewer crane out and going at it from the top down. I think they just needed to build up a pile of rubble so that the tall chewer crane could actually reach the upper part of the building. Sometime this morning the last wall came down, which we all missed, and now they just have an enormous pile of rubble to contend with. I’m sure the final moments of demolition were as completely anti-climatic as the rest of the whole project has been. They probably got to the last standing wall and just pushed over all “plipt” into the rest of the pile. Shouldn’t taking down an entire building be destructive or something?

Anyway, now they have to start putting up the new building which means more thumps and bumps and such. Working underground can have its disadvantages.

Last but not least, they have started putting the finishing touches on the building that was once our parking lot. Say…I just had a small epiphany thought: The building that went down and the building that is almost complete belong to the same school/college/division of the U. What’s that about? Hows a’come they get to have two shiny new buildings and we don’t? That’s not fair…I wanna shiny new building where I work. Hrumph. Anyway, on the way in I noticed that they had started putting in the walkways to and fro (and over the spaces where we formerly parked – bastards!!) and it struck me that the pattern was very typically U. It’s the sort of thing I’d never really noticed but every place around here has walkways that look like the ones at the new building. I think it’s the U’s way of trying to maintain its sanity by paving every possible walking path the students *might* traverse while walking from here to there.

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