Really Fine Day

I don’t know what it is about today, but I’m having a mighty good day.

It all started out with the world’s best everything bagel that I toasted up for breakfast. It wasn’t even a frou-frou three zillion dollar gourmet bagel but one of the Kroger brand bagged bagels but damn did it blow away every other tasty bagel I’ve had in recent memory. Why? Who knows, all I can say is Go Me! Awesome everything breakfast bagel for meeeeee!

It’s the little things.

Just some bits and pieces today, I’m afraid. I’m having just too decent a day to really think about things and stuff.

TheMan and I went shopping on…Wednesday? Sure, Wednesday. Anyway, we had to pick up some basics and specifics because it was too damn hot to fire up the oven and we had nothing for dinner that wasn’t oven firing food. Conundrum…or shopping trip. Both if you are TheMan. We got eats and grillables for a later date and last night was that later date. Mmmmm. Have I mentioned that TheMan can grill?

He sat out by the grill in a foldy chair with a book and enjoyed the beejeebus out of the evening. I tried to join him but last night I had ants in my pants. There was just too much I could be doing…like looking at my garden (which you KNOW I did) or puttering around with my crazy rosebush cuttings or what’s that shiny! over there???? So I’d sit for about two seconds and then jet off to do a project, then come back to pester TheMan for a bit, jet off somewhere else, wash rinse repeat. I must have been greeeeeat company. I did find out a bit of Tomato information for y’all (because one of my jettings was in to get a pen and paper and then out to write down the tomato names. Or did I did I do that Wednesday? Whatever). The holy tomato is a Bonnie’s Best (John Baer). Again, I don’t know from tomatoes so I can’t tell you if it is a sub species of John Baer or if John Baer is the tomato’s maiden name. The other tomatoes are Celeberty (huge freekin plant too, I think this is the one that lead the cage tipping revolution), Roma (and there are 2 tomatoes coming in! Squee!) and Super Fantastic. I can not say or think Super Fantastic without hearing it in a Japanese anime dubbed voice as “Sssoupah Fahhntahstik”

OH! I had a plant epiphany moment too. I was wondering when one knew that their peppers were ripe because we have hot peppers and they would start green and end green and when in the green where they ready? Except I forgot that chili peppers turn red. Hooooo! That problem’s solved. Wait…Jalape�os stay green right? Damn. Hooooo! That problem’s half solved.

Apparently I know jack about peppers too.

So while jetting around here and there I decided that I was going to wreak some more havoc on the stoopid bush/weed tree fiasco. I think I spent about 30 to 45 minutes digging and cutting and getting nowhere closer to getting the rootball out but significantly closer to China. Damn plants, why do we have to have a nice garden anyway? Aren’t weeds nice? They take care of themselves and they fill in the spaces…what is it that people have against weeds? Arrrgh! I’m hoping to have the damn root devil extracted this weekend even if I have to holler to a Chinaman at the other end to pull really hard. That leaves just one more damn weed tree to evict and then I think my side garden plans are good for a while. My climbing rose and ground cover should be here by next week so one more trip for mulch and topsoil and I’ll be set.

I suppose I really ought to start working on the other half of the front then.

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