90 What?!?

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, fatter, more forgetful or more a victim of global warming but dayum the weather seems to have gone eXtreme beastly. Granted I’m a very fair weather kind of person: I like snow but not for long periods of time and not if I have to actually get anywhere in it, I like rain except when I have to walk in it, I like sun unless I am too warm in it…etc and so forth. I like seasonal change too, why can’t I have my cake and eat it? Anyway, this weekend was the worst heat and humidity I’ve encountered all year and it’s only the middle of July. I’m going to melt into a puddle of goo and then fry up like egg whites come August!

Was it this hot and nasty when I was younger? Have I just forgotten the narst that is a Michigan summer or is it really uglier out these days? Our thoughts are that the weather is gearing up for Art Fair, which is this coming week. Wheee.

Which brings me to my next observation: FOOD-A-PALOOZA! They had the hardware (?) stuff all laid out over at the Union this morning. Whooo! We have Art Fair Sign!

This weekend was a whole bunch of suck because it was damn nasty out. We went shopping a bit Friday and picked up some frozen pizzas in celebration of the new Stargate season. WHOOO! By the way, if you are wondering about the new Di Giorno garlic bread pizza, it’s pretty delish. The Stargates were new seasony. SG-1 was fairly bleak what with the new big bads kicking the good guys hinders all over the galaxy. You want that? TOUGH! (bamn). You want to try that? I don’t think so! (bamn) And that? Not going to work. (bamn) Not that either. (bamn) Our good guys lost more than half their ships while the bad guys suffered zilch-o. Oh and they occupied one of the core planets. Let the angst hammer fall!

Atlantis was more positive and kicked more ass. My only knit to pick was that the two shows seemed to be happening somewhat simultaneously according to dialogue but not so much with the acting. SG-1 left us off in the middle of a huge CF of bag guy ass handery but in Atlantis, the SG-1 characters are all “Hey Atlantis. How’s it hanging over there? Your city good? Your people? Great! You hear about the Tigers lately? First place. Yeah, I know…if you would have told me that three years ago, I’d have thought you were off your rocker. Oh us? Fine, fine. A bit of a spot with the Ori but that’s to be expected you know? Anyway, just called up to talk to you about last week’s episode…”

Why does that always seem to happen with cross over series like that? Why isn’t the SGC all “HOLY FUCK! Bit of ass everywhere…wait a minute, I think that one’s mine!”? Ass! Handing! and yet they just walk around footloose and care free. La-de-da. I’d be all “Yeah, we’ve got a situation here, can we deal with your several galaxies away problem in a bit? K? Love ya, buh-bye.”

Hrrmph. Ah well. It was good pizza.

Saturday we played WoW. Yup. Well, I napped too but mostly WoW.

Moving on.

Sunday it was Uuuuugly both outside and inside. I did just one load of dishes (whoo) but managed to sweat out about 17 gallons of sweat. Nasty. It was so hot inside that TheMan caught a bit of heat stroke just moving the computer stuff around. That’s not right! (He took a cold shower and then hung out in the air conditioned bedroom which seemed to revive him.) I think it was something like 88 degrees and 400% humidity in the house and over ninety out. Needless to say, we did not go outside Sunday either so my devil root ball from hell still stands unvanquished. Horde? Check. Devil Root Ball? Not so much. Eh, I got something done so I don’t feel that bad.

Now if the weather would quit with the hot and the humid, I’d be a much happier camper. Yuck.

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