One of the blimps is in town on some nefarious blimp mission, possibly having to do with Art Fair (which opens tomorrow!), and we caught sight of it puttering around fairly low yesterday. Mrrrrr-put-put-put-put. It wasn’t so low as to have to obey traffic laws, but it looked that sort of low where the blimp might be looking for its blimp mooring. Which was strange since there wasn’t a blimp-port on the side of town it was wandering around. We watched it for a bit, because blimps are cool and because it was the lowest I’d ever seen a blimp. That is until it hit a 45 degree down angle and dive bombed its way closer to the earth. MrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrr-put-put-put-put. There was a short span of time in which I thought we were going to witness a blimp-cident. OH! The HUMANITY!

Eventually the blimp leveled out, did a couple waggly side to side roll things and puttered off to blimp parts unknown. This got us to talking about blimps and things you can do with blimps, like touch and gos and blimpstorming. I’d give some real money to see blimps blimpstorming large hangars, huge warehouses or even the VAB monstrosity down at Kennedy Space center. Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing? You’re out there one day getting a space shuttle all prepped up when out of the sky – MrrrrRRRRRRRRRRR-put-put-put-put. Ten minutes later a blimp comes puttering through your building, put-put-put. Put-put-put. Put. And then leaves.


OK, and now for “Ewwww…squicky!” theater because I’m not going to be the only one who suffers! Anyway, during the A2 Smithees I managed to smacker the beejeebus out of both big toenails by not cutting them down shorty short like I used to when I was doing dojo stuff and wearing my wrestling shoes. Toenail, meet top of shoe. Top of shoe, toenail. Wash, rinse repeat for five hours of Smithilicious fun. Of course my toes hurt, but I had nail polish on for weeks afterwards and the pain went away after a couple days so I thought no more of it. Then I wanted to change the toe color and OH! MY! OH! I had the loveliest shade of dark lavender toes. It was actually a very nice bruise color and not the black, yucky, deader than dead toe look.

This weekend I decided to do a little toe maintenance, including investigating the purply part of the nail. I did all that toe stuff you do when you are doing toe maintenance until I discovered that when I tried to clean under my toenail that I could lift it up and see half way down my toe!!!. Glahhhh. That’s just not right. It didn’t even hurt. That’s not right at all! So of course I wanted to see if the other toe was like that too.

I don’t know why. It’s the same reason a lot of people do stupid stuff they later can’t give a good explanation for why they went and did. Anyway, so I lifted up lovely purple toenail number two and it made the creepiest, spine ooging noise I’ve ever heard come off a body part. Imagine, if you will, a huge thick spider web nest (say, Raiders of the Lost Ark in the beginning temple scene) and having to break all that matting of webs. My toe made that noise. GLARRRRRRRRRRGH! I’m still squicked by it.

La-la-la! I can’t HEAR you!

Moving ON! Let’s see…garden report. OH! Damn rain and wind storms last night blew over my poor tomatoes and shook the tree parts loose all over my gardens. BAH! I don’t think any of my tomato plants were snapped but I will have to lash the cages from the other side as well as from the not sun side where I secured them last time they fell over. Bah, tomatos. I’d better be getting beaucoup harvest from these plots of dirt!

Also in the green report, I’m sad to say that I’ve lost all my secondary crazy rosebush clippings due to…ahhh…poor placement of their pots. I put them back under the truck because I think they were getting too much water but I failed to note exactly where under the truck I was placing them. When the storm ran through and doused us with rain, it of course filled up the truck bed. No big, the bed is designed with holes for just such an occasion so the bed drained everything it had collected…into my poor pots. Oi. At least I still have the one crazy rosebushlet going gung ho in my front garden.

And now onto Art Fair (which I accidentally mistyped as “Arf” Fair. Heh). Today they had the roads blocked off in the morning to all the artist locations so we had to wiggle our commute a bit. No booths were up, but by the end of the day there were rows of white tents and trucks and vans galore wandering around full of art crap. I have no idea why that always catches me off guard when the booths go up on Tuesday since the fair opens on Wednesday, but it does. Hey look! Artists! Huh!

Another thing I noticed this year is that the weather is extra nasty devious. While walking to the car it was hot and dead and hot and sticky and hot. Did I mention hot? How about no breeze for a mile? Man, the hot and the sticky just kept being hot and sticky with no respite. Then I got off on the third floor of the parking lot and lo! There was a nice breeze tootling along and the temperature was actually quite pleasant. I sat in the car with the windows down and enjoying the air while waiting for TheMan. That’s just not right and very tricksy of the air. On the other hand, now I know that I just have to get up above street level to get some cool and nice. The things you learn!

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