Devil Root Ball 0 : Boo 1

HaHA! Take that you root ball you!

The almost impossible has been accomplished! I have yanked the Devil Root Ball from Hell! Whooooo!

Man that critter wasn’t making it easy. Do you see that hole in my yard? HOLE! In! My! Yard! I had to tunnel about two feet down under the stoopid bush root ball to get to the taproot of the weed tree (which was, of course, located in the least convenient part of the whole root ball mess). It took me 4 days of digging, chopping, clipping and digging to get to where I could sort of see the taproot if I yanked the whole kit and caboodle violently to one side. Which I did repeatedly. I even had to call TheMan in for the last part because it was a two man job separating the taproot from the root ball bundle.

OK, it didn’t have to be a two man job really if I was willing to dig out the taproot but I was almost to Outer Mongolia as it was and I did not feel like digging any further. If a rural farming family accidentally falls through their floor into my yard, sorry in advance for that. In the final hours, the taproot was defeated by the mighty pole arm of tree slaying (wielded by TheMan) while I held the stumpy stump canted over to one side for maximum root splayage. We did not use anesthetic. It pleased me greatly.

Damn taproot.

Now I have a huge hole in my garden and a large root ball mess on my lawn. Damn taproot. That sucker was three inches in diameter too so it was not fooling around. Also, take a look at the gas line flag markers. If they could have stuck one in my root ball bundle, they would have because that sucker grew right over the damn gas line. “Hand dig only”. ARRRGH! I have another one to go too (fortunately, it’s just a weed tree. BWA! “just” a weed tree. Damn taproots) before I can start to get my side garden in shape. ARRRRGH!

T-minus 4 days-ish and counting before the new plants come in. WHOOOOO!

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