Hey look! A moose!

TheMan and I took a half day off to “do” Art Fair and once again I came to the realization that I was not built for prolonged excursions into the mass of humanity all bent on ogling the creativity. I think my best bet is the hour long lunchtime excursions into the teeming mass of stupid. Still, one doesn’t have to spend their whole vacation half day at Art Fair so we didn’t. We wandered around for maybe two hours, took some pics, bought some stuff and then we hightailed it home at three-ish. Best Art Fair vacation day ever.

Here’s a better pic of the cool metal disc things I had mentioned. Sadly, TheMan couldn’t find the cranky rabbit when he was touring the area so no pic of him. I bet he sold – I mean who wouldn’t want a cranky rabbit? YOU! Get off my lawn!

Hey, I got you a moose pic. Be happy. OK, TheMan got you a moose pic technically, but I asked him to for the blog so…be happy. And also…Hey! Moose!

Our walk among the fair started with a stroll up State Street to Noodles&Co for lunch, because I had a coupon! Then we came to our senses when we realized that Noodles will give you food despite there being no place to eat it. Coupons are good, available tables are better so we wandered out in search of sit down service. Eating noodles standing up is no fun. Our next stroll took us to Cottage Inn where they do indeed have sit down service. And noodles. But no coupon. Two out of three ain’t bad, besides we were guaranteed a table with the purchase of our food and the wait wasn’t horrendously long.

We even got to witness the total nuclear meltdown of a small child. I think the poor fella had reached his limit much earlier and was in the throws of a massive, full blown core failure of decibelic proportions. Not even being held by momma and bouncy bounced was bringing him back – the little tyke was toast. Which leads me to ask, what does one do in that situation? Usually I’ve seen parents take fussy kids outside until they calm down, but outside in this case was the fair and sidewalk dining. It’d be sort of like going out of one movie theater into another. TheMan and I decided that in this case, we would get the food to go and pack up Junior and head home. The parents, on the other hand, decided to stay, order and eat their food. Junior howled the entire time.

Shut-up balloons. TheMan and I laughed when we saw some wait staff busting around the corner trailing balloons. We knew exactly where they were headed. Sadly, balloons wouldn’t do the trick and we heard a waiter mutter “I’d give $100 if only that kid would shut up.” Dude, I hear you. Junior? I’m totally right there with you too. Hours of Art Fair make me want to bust out with the tired. Cheer up little buckaroo, in 14 or so more years you’ll have your driver’s license and can tell your folks, “Mom? Dad? Fuck this, I’m going home.”

TheMan and I were good for about another hour before we felt like we ought to go into nuclear meltdown mode. Fortunately, we had a car and we could drive so we went. We did pick up a couple pieces of art on the way.

Look look, another dragon! We stopped by Charlotte Fung Miller‘s booth (after a slight moronic detour. Yeah, whoops) with the express purpose of buying another of her dragon watercolors. We bought a large framed fire dragon from her in ’03 and I’ve always meant to pick up the other elemental dragons over the years but one thing this and another thing that and…well…three years. So! This year we picked up a wood dragon (that’s him in his blurry goodness above). Perhaps next year I’ll get there early enough to get the metal dragon (it’s been sold all three times I’ve been to her booth) or be frugal and pick up a small world dragon. We already have a small water dragon, which is a shame. The large water dragon she had this year was absolutely gorgeous and if we didn’t already have one we would have come home with that one. But we do so we didn’t and the wood dragon is very cool in his own right. The coolest thing is that the artist remembered us from three years ago. Wow!

The other piece we picked up is from a fella who does pewter casting. I saw his stuff and decided that I would come home with something of his but what exactly I wasn’t sure. He did several different kinds of maple leaves, a couple different oak leaves, gingko leaves and some other leafy leaves and in everything grouping from a single leaf to what looked like a small pewter pressed tree. I liked them all. We settled on the sugar maple piece but only after about seven hours of hemming and hawing over which we liked best. Heh. Next year I think I might return and get a couple smaller companion pieces.

Look at me, gettin all artsy!


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