Japanese Snack Food Review: Manna Weffer


This review would be short and sweet if I was lazy and just typed out “Sugar Wafers”, because that’s basically what Manna Weffers are. For those of you who don’t know from sugar wafers, they are two cake cone planks with Oreoesque frosting between them. If you don’t know cake cones or Oreos, you are on your own.

Manna Weffers (and hee for the name. In my head I hear a snooty French waiter saying “Manna Weffers” every time I read the word. I blame Monty Python with their “Weffer theeen meeent”) are a little more refined than their American cousins. The cookie cone bits are lighter, a little bit flakier and more delicate while the sugar frosting isn’t as sweet and a little less sugar gritty. Sugar Wafers, on the other hand, will give you a righteous sugar buzz if you’re not careful (say after two cookies). The Sugar Wafer’s cookie cone bits are also more coarse and breaky rather than light and flaky. If that makes sense.

I’m curious if the difference between delicate and coarse might have something to do with the waffling of the cookie cone bits. Manna Weffers have a much smaller waffle weave than Sugar Wafers do. Maybe, maybe not, but it’s worth noting. Manna Weffers are also flatter and longer than Sugar Wafers (but about the same width) but I don’t think that has any impact on the cookie cone parts.

Lastly, the packaging. I bought these because of the kid on the front, much like I did the Dosuko Cremu Sando Biscuit. What can I say, for some reason I am fascinated by toddler cookies. These, however, don’t really strike me as toddler cookies despite the suggestion of the packaging. At least, I’m assuming from the pictures that parents of young children are the target audience. Still not reading Japanese here. The Dosuko Cremu Sando Biscuit was much more in line with a toddler’s treat in that it wasn’t very sweet while the Manna Weffers seemed awfully sugary to be letting a toddler munch on. Then again, I don’t’ read Japanese and I don’t have a toddler so I very well could be talking out of an orifice here.

On the other hand, should you really need to feed your small child Sugar Wafers but don’t want to risk young child sugar detonation, these are the cookies for you. The sippy cup to Sugar Wafer’s big people glass if you will.

Overall, I liked Manna Weffers quite a lot despite their seeming a bit sweet for a “baby’s first cookie”. I think I’ll go with a fairly high pea rating because Manna Weffers are much better than Sugar Wafers and I’m rather fond of Sugar Wafers. Let’s say a


of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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