My potato toe is doing much better, thankyouverymuch. It looks worse what with the bruising coming on to full purply maturity but it’s less swollen and I can bend it around a lot more without setting off the hurting. The verdict has come back as really jammed good rather than broken or dislocated.

Tuesday I was down with the sick that took TheMan out on Monday so I didn’t update. So there. I did, however, do more house cleaning stuff that a dead person really ought to have so go me! Really, TheMan got the sick worse than I did; I just had an asthma attack at 2 in the morning on top of the sick and that threw me for a loop. By the time I got up in the morning (what…three hours later?) I had the stomach uneasy, the head ache, a bit of fever shakes and my brain was running around in dizzy circles. The sick symptoms were actually fairly mild once I took drugs (DRUGS!) and I might have gone in but for the whole not being able to carry a coherent thought in my head. Sleep! Wooozy! So I nixed going to work and then slept the sleep of the dead until noonish.

However, once noon hit I was feeling quite a bit better so I got up and twitched around the kitchen looking for…something…CAKE! Yeah, maybe I was still a bit fevered because I became a woman possessed with the need to eat cake. Fortunately there was a cake mix right on the counter. Serendipitous if not for the fact that there’s always a cake mix on the counter. Man, those Kroger 10 for 10 cake mixes have been pissing me off lately with their loitering about. At first I was all squeee because 10 for 10! I was in cake heaven! Now it’s more “those damn 10 for 10 cake mixes! All over my kitchen! ARRRRGH!” What up that? Anyway, at noon I made cake, did some dishes, puttered around cleaning and then at 3 I went back to bed.

Maybe I wasn’t as recovered as I had first thought. I had cake though. Around 5ish TheMan called and woke me from a pan-dimensional sleep so deep I was at least three possibly four dimensions away. Thus, when my body answered the phone in this dimension, the rest of me was still trying to catch up to it. Not pretty. By the time all my pieces parts had been reunited, I was bumbling about the kitchen looking for…something…CAKE! Note to self: Wipe the pan-dimensional sleep drool off of face before eating a piece of crumbly cake. I had cake stuck to the side of my head! Have you ever tried to remove cake bits that have fused to your face while still waking up from a pan-dimensional stupor? It ain’t easy.

I only have one issue from the Green Report. Oh, wait, actually three. The first one is that I lost a tomato. *sniff* I’m still trying to get the hang of telling when things are ripe and apparently, you can not let tomatoes sit on the vine for very long after they are ready to pick. Sunday there was a tomato that I thought “Hmmm. That one’s alllllmost ready to go!” This morning it had popped and gooshed overripe tomato-y goodness all over the garden. Bleh. Ah well, it was one of the ones I’m not so fond of.

You can also thank me for the rain craziness today: I watered my garden this morning. I think I am 5 and 0 for watering my garden the same day it rains like a mofo. Of course, had I not watered, my poor onions would have shriveled up all old man and wrinkly. Damned if I don’t, stormed if I do. On the other hand, can I call them or what? I’m thinking of changing my name to Thor. Last time I did this tree branches spontaneously leaped from trees around the neighborhood to hurl themselves at my feet. Or at least where my feet might be if I were walking in that neck of the woods. Trees aren’t really good at temporal awareness but they sure know how to cover the bases, there was tree debris everywhere. Today’s storm was a little milder, yet it managed to jack up the humidity to 400%. By the time we stepped outside after the storms it was like stepping out of a hot, hot shower. Except more outsid-y and much cooler. Yuck.

Lastly, I got an e-mail yesterday telling me that my plants have shipped. YAY! Now I have to tackle that damn weed tree number two since it’s right where I want to plant my climbing rose. Damn weed trees, get off my lawn!

OK, I’ve blathered enough. See you on the flip side.

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