Pre-Party Plans

Or something like that. My ears hurt, I best not be getting Mark-Matt’s cold. Mrrrmph. But first – plants!

My pretties arrived yesterday all boxed and on my doorstep. *SQUEEE* Of course it’s only been since the 6th and y’all know how good I am at waiting. Are they here yet? Are they here yet? Are they here yet? 20 days of watching and waiting (and checking the porch) and wondering when I should give the plant peoples a buzz because MY STUFF! Holy wah 20 days! That’s almost like Christmas, except much hotter and muggier and in July. Still, I’m surprised I didn’t just outright pop from anticipation. Anyhow, I was all a-squee when I saw the box on our porch but I was also a little worried because…errmmmm…well, things weren’t quite ready yet for plants. The front garden’s been ready and waiting forever for me to get some plants and whatnot in there so that was all peachy but the side garden. Yeah. Side garden. Hey, I got the Devil Root Ball from Hell out, didn’t I? That ought to count for something!

It’s just been too darned hot and nasty (or raining large farm animals) to be out there yanking up the next damn weed tree and besides…I already diiiiiid that! Whyyyyyyy! Sadly, whining at a weed tree will not cause it to spontaneously yank itself up from the ground and I was not in a mood to do it so it didn’t get done. Consequently, I couldn’t just pop the climbing rose in the ground all “There ya go!” because there was already a damn weed tree festering in that spot. Arrrgh!

Buuuut yesterday was D-day on account of the plants being delivered so I set out to do some garden hacking. You know, yank a weed tree, plant a rose, no big. Bwa! It was about 4 million percent humidity outside and at least 200 degrees (Oooo! I could have made steamed dumplings!) so just the act of moving the shovel from the garage to the side of the house caused me to burst a sweat artery. I did manage to fill in the giant hole where the Devil Root Ball from Hell was and I cut out the garden edge but by then I came to my senses. There was a newly filled hole, here was a plant in need of dirt – a match made in heaven! And hey, so what if the rose wasn’t exactly where I wanted it, I could always move it later right? Right! Fini!

By the way, did you all know that Vinca Minor (AKA periwinkle ) was myrtle as well? I got myrtle! Hrrumph. If I had known I was getting myrtle I wouldn’t have been so thrilled with my plant purchases. Why didn’t they list myrtle as a name? I know from myrtle, I think my mumses has it growing like mad things all over her yard. Myrtle! And here I was thinking I was getting something exotic and cool. Ooooo! Vinca Minor! At least it’s here and in the ground and, hopefully, will spread and flower. Plus it gets cool bluish flowers.

Partay! OK, it looks like the bathroom won’t be done for the partay tomorrow, which is a shame. TheMan’s been busting ass to get it done and he’s gotten a hella lot of work accomplished. Sadly, we just didn’t start moving in time to get it up and running. Ah well. Sadlier still, this means we are going to have to clean the upstairs. I hate vacuuming the steps something fierce. Ugh.

I’ve been trying to think of how bad things are but my brain refuses to concentrate on the subject. La-la-la! It can’t…errr…think me? Anyway, one minute I’ll be all YAHHHH! The next minute I think, “Well, things aren’t so bad at all”. The dishes still need to be done (although I hacked at them mighty fiercely the other day. I am DISH WOMAN!) and the stove cleaned. I also need to dust everything. Yes, that too. The floors need to be vacuumed and then swiffered, the couches vacuumed and the covers changed out and a small bit of straightening up needs to happen. Well, that doesn’t sound too bad, actually. We can knock a chunk of those items off the list tonight and then tomorrow should be smooth sailing.

Shopping! Yikes. OK, another list item. I think I’ll do the vacuuming tonight and tackle a few of the dustier places. Tomorrow – Shopping!

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