Seven Times Five

The answer is either how old TheMan is today or how hot it is in degrees C.

First order of business: Happy Birthday TheMan! We celebrated on Saturday with the Fifth Annual Beach Party Bru-ha-ha and the sun crashed the party. Oi it was Hot! Hot! Hot! Of course we were running around like crazy people in the hours before anyone came (except the sun, it arrived early and didn’t even offer to help set up. Noooo-oooo, it just sat around on its lazy hot ass and watched us work. Ingrate) doing some shopping, putting up tents, last minute cleaning, kitty wrangling (they were not so happy about being confined to the downstairs. Little Kitty spent a great deal of time sitting on the top step meowing “Attica! Attica!”) and food prep. We also got to curse the damn mice who wintered in our garage because the little fuckers chewed through our wicked blow up pool to store their winter seeds in the side wall air bladders. Bastard mice, I hope you and all your descendent mice choke on the bits of pool vinyl.

DQ came to the Beach party rescue and went off in search of a pool which…well everyone else had already done. 90 plus degrees will do that to town. She even went to four different stores looking for a proper beach party pool but had to settle for a shade of our magnificent (but well ventilated) pool. Apparently, a three foot $10 pool and a forty foot $200 pool were the only two choices to be had in the entire town. A pool’s a pool but y’all out there could have left us just one largish cool blow up pool you know. Hrrmph. Stupid consumers. Mssr. Gonkweasel noted that the 40 foot pool would have been cool in its own right seeings as the house is only 38 feet wide. Instant moat!

The party went well, we grilled turkey burgers, brats and pig on a stick (courtesy of Mr. Paul) and a couple of marinated turkey breasts AND lots of other people brought food. There was the chocolate zucchini cake, which sounded terrible in concept but was absofrikkinloutly delish, and Rob brought the thumpiest chocolate cake ever to thump into a party. We had to keep it indoors because it was mostly butter and softy squishy things and the sun was being a butt and not toning down the heat. Damn it was hot. What else? Oh! Badmovie’s block of caramel showed up and brought a guest along (a gummi T-bone), some applesauce cake which also had about a zillion different fruits in it made the scene as well as a package of Nutter Butter crisps which, I am told, were really fantastic with a dollop of the caramel on top. I wouldn’t know; someone ate the last Nutter Butter and DIDN’T THROW AWAY THE PACKAGE!

*grumblegrumble* Got my hopes all up and no Nutter Butters.

Anyhow, other fine dishes included a salad thing my Mumses made (it had peas and lettuce and white stuff…possibly sour cream? I don’t know. She used to make it all the time when my sis and I were small. It does have a cheese and bacon hat and y’all know how I endorse the cheese hat), some hummus and my favorite bean salad. We ate entirely too much and drank too much. Damn mojitos.

Sometime around six we moseyed into the house because it was dayum hot outside. Did I mention it was hot? TssssssssssOuch! We played a round of “Are You a Werewolf” in which LunarGeography and I were the werewolves and I outlasted her by one lynching. Whoooo! My best performance yet. Truly, I make a terrible werewolf because I get all twitchy when people start hemming and hawing about the lynching. If I don’t see some lynching action in a couple of minutes, I just start randomly voting people to get lynched. Apparently, that’s a werewolf trait although I’m pretty certain I’d do that regardless. Less talk, more lynching! After that we watched a Smithee flick and the party dissolved at 11ish.

It was a marvelous Bru-ha-ha.

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