Come The Deluge

Whew! It was angry storming most of the day today but I’m not going to complain about it because 1: I didn’t have to go out in it, 2: It looked really cool hurtling down the two story windows and 3: It broke the damn heat. I even sat out in the light drizzle after work and enjoyed getting rain spittled on because it was only 80 some degrees out. It might have even been in the high 70s. I love me the rain!

Plus, it means I can continue to be a lazy gardener and not water my plants. I love you garden watering rain!

I don’t have much in the way of Fun! and Exciting! things to blather on about so I do believe I’ll just stream of consciousness this and turn it into an SAST. Why not? Sure, let’s just do it that way shall we? Good. Maybe this weekend I’ll dink around with the camera and put up a picto-blog for y’all since things are getting boring what with the lack of pretty shinies to look at. I haven’t done a ‘Day in the Life Of’ for a while.

Ooooo! Good news! I found my girl jelly! Back in…errr…end of Juneish I bought a pink jellyfish on a stick because I have a blue jelly on a stick at work. I didn’t realize that they came in boy jelly and girl jelly varieties but once I did, I had to get a jelly companion for the blue fella already hanging around my cube. Buuuut I kept forgetting to bring her in and forgetting and forgetting until one day I called myself from work and left a message at home to bring in the damn girl jelly already. When I went home I looked up by Sad Frog, where I had been keeping her, and she was gone. I looked in the luggage, even though I clearly remember sticking her up by the frog but she wasn’t there either. She wasn’t back with the frog when I checked there again (hey, you never know) and then I remembered that I had taken a picture of her for the blog. Sadly, she wasn’t in the Smithee bag or around the Smithee bag or anywhere else where the picture was staged. Poor girl jelly. Then when we were doing the massive clean for the Bru-ha-ha, I found her lodged under the couch in one of the places the cats can’t get to. I find a lot of small skittery and/or fun things lodged in places such as these. Yay girl jelly! She’s at work with her beau jelly now.

Speaking of cats, Little Kitty has been the Mighty Hunter these past few days. I think a couple nights ago she saved us from certain doom at the hands of purple cow and last night she vanquished the dastardly plaid catnip cat. This morning she was hunting the deadliest of them all: The Vile Plastic Easter Egg Top. I have no idea where she rustled that up from either, it’s been gone for a couple months as best as I can recall. However, Saturday after I had swiffered the living room said top magically appeared by the front door. I know that the egg top is the baddest of the bad too because she will yowl her hunting scream while chasing the top all over the place. The other toys are mostly fought in silent mode save for the light jingling of the little bells inside them and the thumping of a not too dexterous cat flailing into the furniture.

Lastly, my toes are squicking me out again. Potato toe is pretty much recovered from its ordeal, although I can still get a twinge of ouch if I bend the toe and poke the top knuckle joint. The toes now doing the primary squicking are my dead nailed big toes. My new toenails are growing in quite nicely but they are also in the process of shoving off the old dead nails. Consequently, I have a weird nail ridge at the base of the nail bed where the dead nail is sitting on top of the new live nail. I don’t think the dead nail is even attached to the live nail so that means if I can get a hold of the edge of the dead nail (which I easily can) I might can possibly pry it up off the live nail and maybe the whole toe itself. Mind you, half the old nail has already detached from the toe and the new nail has only grown in half way so a quarter of the old nail is still glued to my foot. Ever since I took a good look at my quarter attached old nail I have been super paranoid about the possibility of unexpectedly ripping the whole thing right off. Guuuhhh and also OW! But really, one good yank from the front or levering from the back and that sucker’s gonna pop. That’s just not right!

OK, I gotta go think happy thoughts and walk very carefully. Laters.

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