The Empress of Lazy

Friday we did nothing.
Saturday we did the same thing but more of it.
Sunday we got off our asses and did nothing somewhere else.

Actually, Friday we went over to TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel’s place for a little Amber game action. Mssr. Gonkweasel wasn’t going to be showing up in game, even though he lives there (which is a weird situation), because he works for the antichrist. Apparently they went off on a whim over at Antichrist, Inc. and decided to work the weekend for funs. Guess whose number came up for working Saturday? Why, it’s Mssr. Gonkweasel!


The game was fun though.

Saturday we truly did nothing. I think there was some WoW (the game) played and possibly some TV watched. I know there was no showering the whole day cuz we wuz LA-ZY! OH! Wait, I made dinner so it wasn’t a total waste of a day, right? Right! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I think one of the reasons we did a whole lot of nothing is that at 8ish, I poked my head into TheMan’s room only to discover his entire brain was being invaded by a headache from hell. I went and got him some aspirin and decided I’d snooze for a bit and see how he was doing. At 10 (when I woke up again…heh), his head still had a foothold situation going on, so I thought “Well, I’ll snooze for maybe a half hour more and then start my day without him. Yeah, that sounds like a decent plan.”

Three hours later I woke up from a deep and profound sleep. I was so far gone with the sleeping that I was having trouble remembering what species I was when I woke up. Daaaaaaamn. Not to mention it felt like a ton of bricks had taken a nap on my pillow ear the entire time. That sort of thing usually happens when I’m dead asleep like that and it hurts like a hurty thing for at least an hour when I wake up. I think my itty bitty head gets bored and likes to see how many large heavy objects it can suck into its brainspace in the course of a slumber. Heh, I have TARDIS head.

So yeah. Once you wake up at one in the afternoon, your whole day might as well be shot. It was rather nice though, being total and complete unproductive members of society.

Sunday was much more fun because we went and did nothing at other places! OK, we did a couple somethings like feed Badmovie and LunarGeography’s cats and return the tent we borrowed from DQ but that was about it. After that brief burst of activity, we drove up to mumses’s house and had a birthday celebration for TheMan. That involved a whole lot of sitting around doing nothing with family (which is probably the most fun of doing nothing we did all weekend) and chocolate cheesecake. Ain’t nothing better than being lazy and eating chocolate cheesecake. Yum! Afterwards we came home and watched some TV stuff. I can’t even remember if it was regular old TV or Dr. Who downloads or Stargate SG-1.

We live the life, I tell ya. OK, I’m cutting off here before I put myself to sleep writing about all the nothing we did this weekend. Hopefully, I’ll have enough oomph to at least take a picture of the JSFR I’ve had written for a while, plus do one for this weekend. Then again, I may not have perfected lazy this weekend despite coming closer to it than I ever have before.

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