Ice Cream Social

Yesterday the asthma had me low so I decided to stay home and sleep, but not before I got partially dressed for work. It took me exactly one pair of unders to discover that I was not functional enough to be a productive member of society so instead I crashed until about noon. That’s all I’m saying about that escapade too, other than even after about four hours of sleep I was still a bit moodgie in the brain. I did wake up with a powerful hankering for an ice cream sundae though so I tootled off to the kitchen to see what could be done about that. Hey, when an ice cream sundae urge attacks, sometime you just have to give in you know?

Apparently, the first step to making an ice cream sundae is flinging the tupper tub of homemade ice cream out of the freezer and onto the floor. I managed to get that step down pat, although I swear I barely touched it. One second I was reaching into the freezer and the next second BONZAI!!! The tupper quite enthusiastically flew off of the top freezer shelf and nose dove (dived?) about four feet down to its spectacular death. I think I counted at least a million pieces of shattered tupper bits everywhere from both the top and bottom of the tupper. *sniff* My ice cream. It was a sad day indeed as I stood there all moodgie headed looking down forlornly at my busted out ice cream tub.

However! Upon closer inspection I discovered that really only half of the tub had exploded into frozen plastic shards which left the other half pretty much intact. More or less. Sorta. Anyway, there was at least a good chunk of ice cream inside that didn’t have too many bits of tupper plastic lodged in it. This I could work with!


Like a couple bits of tupper plastic is cause enough to ixnay an undaesay thing. Anyhow, I picked and scraped the worst of the tupper bits off and then scooped my first, yummy scoop of cherry chip ice cream out of the dead tupper. Or at least I tried. It was pretty darned frozen in there despite having launched itself about two feet outwards and four feet down from its frozen resting spot. You would think a fall like that might loosen things up a bit no? Make it easier to scoop? Surely it might have at least softened up some from being upsidown on the floor while I stood there for a bit mourning the loss of my sundae but no. The ice cream wasn’t budging. So I dug into it with a mighty digging scoop of ice cream dislodging DOOM and lo! Apparently intimidating ice cream out of a container works. My mighty scooping spoonful Fu suddenly dislodged about half the ice cream, which came barreling out of the tupper at mach 3. I’ve never seen ice cream move so fast.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most graceful with food. I’ve launched a cherry tomato at a fellow dinner companion, hit myself in the head with a Champaign stopper, cut a pork chop with such determination that the whole thing ended up in my lap and we won’t even talk about the mashed potato incident. Needless to say, I wasn’t entirely surprised when the ballistic ice cream blob hit my person. I was, however, a bit surprised with the blob’s choice of a target. I’m a tall leggy gal so most counters come about half way up on my body. Legs below, torso above and whoooooooo! ice cream is chilly. Nothing like a fast moving scoop of cherry chocolate chip arctic surprise to get the heart pumping. Brisk.

On the plus side, gravity hadn’t gone wacky so it was only a micro second of eye opening cold. Gravity is your friend! I also had clean unders on from my aborted attempt at getting dressed in the morning so the five second rule certainly still applied. Bonus. On the minus side, I was standing over the tub I have been using to soak my poor dead toenail toes and there smack dab in the middle of the tub was my delicious scoop of ice cream. There are only so many excuses I’ll make for eating wayward ice cream and I draw the line at toe bucket.

I eventually got my sundae in order, albeit a rather tiny sundae, and I only had to pick out one chunk of tupper bit (which given the size of the remaining ice cream scoop shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise). Mission accomplished! I also gained knowledge about the freezer durability of the Glad tupper containers (not so much). Lesson learned! Next time though, maybe I ought to just settle for a bag of chips or maybe some carrots. We keep those on much lower shelves.

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