The Green Report

Check out the chili peppers. Ssssspi-say!

I have no idea if they are ready yet (I keep meaning to look up chili peppers and jalape�o peppers on the internets and see when one is supposed to pick them) but they all turned red and then they started to get wrinkly. Is wrinkly ripe? I don’t know, but we have peppers!

We also have more tomatoes. Here are Angelina Jolie, Robert Redford and Haley Joel Osment. They are my “Celebrity” tomatoes. Heh. I don’t think Osment is quite ripe yet though. I shoulda left him on the vine for a couple more days. Speaking of vine, both my Ssssooopah Fantastic tomatoes and now my Celebrity tomatoes are going gonzo with the fruiting. There will be more ripe Celebs later this week and the plant has about a bazillion green tomatoes hanging in the wings. The up and coming so to speak. Sadly, the Roma and Bonnie’s Best plants (or whatever) failed the “boo suitable for growing in my garden” test because both plants are stunted and sad looking. Oh they still fruit now and then, just to let me know they are alive but that doesn’t make the cut for “tomato plants to get next year”. Poor, sad tomatoes.

Aaaaand I do believe I’m down to about 40 onions from the original 72. I’m just not cut out to grow onions I guess. Meh. Garlic? Certainly. Onions? Not so much. Apparently, I’m good with radishes so far because I have lots and lots of happy rads. The first two squares planted even have little bulby looking tops peeking above the dirt that makes me think there might actually be a roundish radish thing under there. Go radishes!

Around in the front garden, my boring myrtle seems to have acclimatized to being in my space of dirt. Also you can see that lots of weeds feel the same way. Ignore the weeds, look at my happy boring myrtle! Yeah, I need to get some weeding done this weekend. I also need to pick up about three dozen bags of mulch and mulch that plot of dirt to within an inch of its life because right now it looks like dirt mange. However, before I do that I have to finish planting the area which involves buying some rosebushes and possibly another corner-y type plant. And then my front garden space might start to look like we are real people who care about our plants and yard.


Speaking of roses, check THIS out! The top roselet is my one surviving crazy rosebush transplant and the bottom one is the other transplant that I thought was a goner. Look! He sprouted! WHEEEEE! This means I only need to get two rosebushes AND things will look symmetrical (and also like I really care about the dirt). YAY roselet!

This fella is a…errr…something or other not what I expected. He was in with the pinks when I planted them but even back then he didn’t look right. His leaves are more marigoldy than pinky but he was in a little planting carton with all the other pinks so I planted him. Ever since then I’ve been looking at him thinking, “Hmmm! None of the other pinks have that leaf shape but he’s the same size and basic shape so…” Up until this week the fella was basically pink sized but not pink flowered, but then something happened and he took off sprouting.

Here’s a comparison shot. The pinks (what’s left of them) are the dark pinky looking things on the left, the odd fella on the right. He certainly isn’t a pink. Or a marigold. I have no idea what he is but I’m leaving him be for the time being to see what he grows into. Mystery Plant!

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