Flat Vern, The Fam and WoW

The game, not the expression. Unless you used the expression to articulate how much time we spent WoWing on Saturday. In which case, both.

Friday we did something so super top secret that it was wiped from even my memory. Good thing too, otherwise I’d have to kill myself if I told me what it was that I did. It may have involved making cookie dough as a brick of it frozen and cut up appeared in our freezer. Do the Men in Black leave frozen chocolate peanut-butter chip cookie dough diced up in people’s freezer?

No wait, I did that. Right after I made a tube of cut and bake cookies for ice cream sammiches. It’s allllllll coming back to me. I am sad to say that none of the cookies made it to sammiches though, unless we can count the fact that I ate the cookies and I ate ice cream. Eventually I guess they layered after a sort. The real question here is: Did I make cookies on Friday, thereby remembering the super secret plans and now I’ll have to kill myself or go on pretending I don’t know about the cookie sammich overlords, or did I make cookies on Saturday? Damn! I can’t remember and I’d really like to know if I have to start living a life on the lamb so that the chocolate peanut-butter chip cookie dough conspirators don’t realize that I remember. I’m lazy, I don’t WANT to live a life of constant looking over my shoulder, always one step ahead of the Pillsbury Dough Boy!

Saturday, which may or may not have been the day of massive cookie prep and devouring, we played an outright obnoxious amount of WoW (the game). What can I say? We were in the zone (yo or babE? what’s the appropriate end tag here?). All four of us were on and all four of us are high 30s now and let me tell you – a gang as such is enough to give those Alliance gank boys pause for reflection. And also last night was the first time we were the ones pwning, which is a delightfully nice switch up. I was getting really tired of being ganked in the middle of burbling about the game and then coming back to the body find that the ganker was camping it.

We did have an interesting moment when Mark-Matt went AFK to get pizza and TheMan and I were boogering around doing something (making cookies? Can you DO that in game? I bet they are not as tasty) when a message flashed over the guild chat saying “so-in-so has joined the guild!”. I turned around and asked TheMan who so-in-so was, and was surprised to find that he had no idea. He was just as surprised, for if I didn’t invite them and he didn’t invite them and Mark-Matt was AFPizza…who did? Huh! We popped up the guild list to see who else was on and to our continuing befuddlement there were only four names: Mine, TheMan’s, Mark-Matts and the new guy. I was beginning to wonder if the new guy had super secret special guild crashing 5ki11z but a couple minutes later we learned that Mark-Matt knew the new guy from the other server we play on and had invited him before going out to acquire pizza. Mystery solved!

Oi we played WAY too much WoW (the game).

Sunday we went over to mumses house to hang with my sis, her husband, Mr. Paul and my aunt and uncle from North Carolina. Oh, and Fang their dog but I had to demote Fang because he had no interest in licking the salsa off my toe. What kind of a dog refuses salsa toe? Lucy was ALL over that (ticklish!) when I hobbled inside to clean off my foot (or find a real dog willing to properly barcuum my toe). Hrrrmph. Fang.

Anyway, TheMan and I cooked up some homemade ice cream (chocolate chocolate peanut-butter chip cookie dough) and some garden made salsa to bring to the shindig. The salsa was iffy at first (very way too salty) but TheMan performed a food miracle and it turned out fantastic. I think I ate about half of it too. I like salsa. The ice cream was very fab as well and TheMan managed to drop some of it in my toe bucket (which had moved, btw so it was more of an effort to get ice cream in it). What is it with my toe bucket and ice cream??

Mr. Paul cooked up some fab pork chops, delicious corn and oven taters to die for. We ate everything but one chop, which made me sad because I was having a corn thing. It was darned fine corn. Yo. Of course there was coffee with the ice cream. Of course! Of course I stayed up way too late vibrating everywhere because I absolutely had to have a cup (or two) of coffee. Of course! It was darned fine coffee. Yo. No trip to my mumses is complete without after dinner/dessert coffee.

My sis also entertained us with the story of Flat Vern. I guess one of the car company peoples up at the race track had a display at…the auto show? Some place that has cars and stuff on display (how sad is that? I know jack about my sis’s world of racing. It’s all vrooom and go fast and shmoos on the track). Anyway, this fella had a life sized cardboard photo of him that he set up at his car display and someone flat-napped it. The real Vern would like his flat double back, but apparently the Flat-nappers have a list of ransom demands before they are willing to give up their 2D hostage. Real Vern would rather either detect his flat double back (he’s retired police) or hope that the Flat-nappers get bored and just return the thing. Meanwhile, Flat Vern has shown up at all sorts of odd places like Germany (would Flat Vern be a carry on or do you have to check him in?) and my favorite – starting a race the Real Vern was in. Heh. Apparently, the Flat-napping of the 2D Vern is quite the talk around the track.

Afterwards, we scooted home late (because we can never get out of there at a decent time. I think it’s the coffee) and probably played some WoW (the game). Or maybe watched some Law & Order.

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