Thursday Things and Stuff

Meh, deal with the title. That’s as creative as it gets today.

Can I get a Halleluiah for work projects that are fun and promote my personal sense of “We have entirely too much stuff, can we weed some of it?” Hell yes! Halleluiah indeed.

For the past – well ever since I was hired in, I suppose, I’ve been sorting book ads into the different collection areas. We get an extra-dimensional ton of book ads and not everyone wants to keep everything we get. That and for some reason a lot of companies feel the need to send us two, five, ten copies of the same ad. Maybe they think we’ll get tired of seeing it and buy it already, although really most of it goes directly to the recycle bin. Each selector likes their ads sorted slightly differently, which makes for some learning fun if you happen to be a new assistant of mine (because I will put you on mail detail since *I* don’t want to have to remember all of it!)and the new selector likes it even differentlier than we had been doing it. That method was rather a giant pain in my keester, mostly because I wasn’t exactly sure how I wasn’t going to be duplicating work but that’s all water under the bridge now. Said selector told me that they’d rather just have the material on-line to look at so if the ad had a URL to a catalog site, that’d be just fine. The paper copy could go!

I admit, I think I did a happy “not going to deal with my irksome sorting confusion” dance paired with a happy “recycling crap makes me happy” dance. Do you know how many book ads have online catalogs? All of Germany does! (Was there ever any doubt?) I was able to take a three inch stuffed folder and recycle all of it. BabE! I am the recycle queen!

I was also the URL huntin’ queen for all of thirty seconds today too. I came across one catalog that had no URL (whaaaaat?) and I couldn’t back end the e-mail addie into a workable URL (I did that on two or so occasions. See? 1337!) so I tried to Google the company. Then I put my smarts hat on and’d the company. See? Uber 1337! Except the company’s name was Antiquit�ts Verlag or basically “Rare books publishers”. Do you know how many companies in Germany are called “Rare Books Publishers”? Quite a lot.

I, however, was undaunted! I clicked on several sites until I came across one that had a matching logo. Wala! I am the QUEEN of URL hunting! I wrock! 1337 is my first name, yo! It was even the right site and everything (I can still read enough German to figure out if a site auf Deutsch will get me a catalog of book ads. Go me!). I was doing a “my search 5ki11z are awesome” dance up until I grabbed the next catalog. That one also happened to be a “Rare Book Publishers” catalog and smack dabbit on the front cover in big bold URL letters was the company’s web addie. Not only that, but the cool cockatrice logo that directed me to the “right” site is apparently only a small subdivision logo for the “Rare Book Publishers”. Yeah. Maybe I’ll have to demote myself to duchess of URL hunting or maybe Lady of the URL search.

Germany was a lot of fun. Everything? GONE! Canada is a bit more tricksy since some American published stuff is of a Canadian nature and thereby ineligible for URLing and tossing. Still, I managed to make a one inch stack into a three sheet of paper folder. I’m very much looking forward to France because France just bothers me. One, it’s France and two they keep sending these fat slippery French catalogs every damned week (or so) and they always have something stuffed in them which makes them all lumpy like and try to stack THAT in a pile and not have it slide all over the place. Also, the French don’t seem to see the need to put FRANCE (or whatever they call themselves. I don’t care, just clue me in that you aren’t some other French speaking country and I’ll be happy but no. Stupid French) on most of their stuff so it takes me for damned ever to figure out French stuff since I don’t read French and I only know one French town and not everything is published in Paris.

I’m going to make up a special “recycling crap makes me happy” dance solely for France and you better believe I’ll be boogying until the cows come home.


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