Weekend Recap

Ow my calves! Ow! Ow ow ow owowowowowowow! The things I do to hustle for the Smithees!

Why is it so hard for me to write something on the weekends? Maybe it’s so I can do a weekend recap on Monday and not have to come up with a real Monday entry. Between that and the Friday five, I only have to think of three legit entries. I’m all about the lazy! Whoot.

Saturday was the dawning of The Day: Smithee-fest 2003! [huge fanfare f/x here]. I counted calories too and let me tell you, it’s going to be a rough figure. Ooooo the shiny Smithee food, but I digress. Saturday morning may have started out nice, I think I might have been up for it. Did I do dishes? I made TheMan breakfast in bed about noon, so technically I was up before then but I am not sure 11:40 really counts as “up Saturday morning”. Eh, noon it is.

Anyway, so I was up and about and made toast, eggs and mocha for two and Lo! It all came off at the same time. None of this toast getting cold waiting for the eggs or vice versa. That’s one of my major cooking problems is that I can’t seem to get a meal to come together all at once at the end. Maybe that’s why 5 course meals were invented? So we had a nice breakfast and got up to start the day. I couldn’t convince TheMan to go to great harvest (foo) but we did get out and do some running around. He had to get back up batteries for the equipment.

On the way, we had to back track and get the batteries in question because we had smartly left the house without them. It always happens that way. The plus is that the street we turned down had some cool houses. There was one behemoth that ate an entire corner lot plus about a football or two of space. It was really freaky in that “haunted Victorian creepy house” look save this house was kept up fairly nicely. Neat looking place with all these angles and gables and noodly woodwork (gingerbreading?). It’s kitty corner neighbor, although a pale 12 bedroom comparison, was also a nice piece of work and their neighbor down the road was cool too. Well worth the forgetting of the batteries. Maybe I’ll take some pics and post them. I love me some old neat houses.

So we did the obligatory last minute running out to get show supplies and then TheMan commenced the preSmithee panic and lost a remote and a cable three seconds after he had set them down (also an obligatory preSmithee event) but we got everything packed and in the car with enough time to take a reading breather before heading out. I made bi bim bop sandwiches (because bi bim bop isn’t particularly self portable but put it in a pita and you are good to go!)and packed some water for the Smith-ka-teers and we trundled out to the chem. building.

We met Badmovie and LunarGeography just after they pulled up so we added our considerable pile of stuff to their considerable pile and then LG and I drove off with the cars while Badmovie and TheMan guarded said stuff. We got back and all commenced the grand shuffle and set up. Badmovie always gets a truck load of food and drink for the A2 show (nothing for Origins. Not sure why but that’s just the way it goes I guess) and we pondered a logical set up for the stuff. This is perhaps the most important part of the show, you just cant throw the spray on cheese next to the circus peanuts! Heh. Badmovie had picked up a whole plethora of evil from here and there which included the peanuts and squeezy cheese, cheese balls, Chew-ez (I don’t know), Veggie Booty (*snort* Veggie Booty! No really, that’s what it’s called. I kid you not. Tastes like ASS too…hey, maybe that’s actually kinda appropriate come to think of it. “This shit tastes like Broccoli ASS! What is it? Oh, Veggie Booty. Figures.”) I almost won a dollar off of Badmovie to eat some Veggie Booty with the pizza squeezy cheese (which also tasted like ASS) but Badmovie had no singles. I woulda done it too because we had peeps and peeps can take care of any food ills including squeezy pizza cheesed Veggie Booty. I made Smithee Gorp (pastel Easter M&Ms, sinister smiling pretzel fishy crackers, yogurt covered raisins and “Fruity-ohs”) and brought peeps.

So after the snacks were separated from the sweets which were separated from the drinks (of colors not found in nature) we got into show mode and waited for the time. TheMan put the entire show on DVD this year and whilst we were setting up the foodage and LunarGeography was posting signs he was doing the technical monkey work (which included a last minute run to his work for a cable that actually worked rather than the mystery useless mono crap cable that seems to have avoided the trash bin all these years – not this year babE!) and we were golden. 10 to 15 minutes into the hour we were rolling. TheMan was on his game, LunarGeography and I were bustin butt up and down the stairs collecting the ballots and Badmovie and DQ were bustin brain muscles to tabulate the votes in time to have the final selection ready by the next category. Other than the DVD program being a bit ornery about the whole “continue” function (and really, can you blame a compassionate program for wanting to spare the viewers?) things sailed along very nicely.

OH! The squishy ninjas! I forgot ALL about them and they were the highlight of the evening! We did a couple of things different this year, one initiated by TheMan and I and other initiated by Badmovie. We brought two small gold spray painted trash cans (another Saturday afternoon preSmithee check list item this year it seems and fortunately it was a fine day for spray painting) filled with Smithee Gorp for after intermission and after last category (while the ballots are being tabulated) give aways and Badmovie brought a game given to him by the game makers for give away (how cool is that? I think he got it at Origins last year and they were all “Hey! You wanna give this away at the show? That would be pretty neat.” Uhhh, yeah it would!) PLUS he had ordered a whole pack of squishy ninjas (Oriental Trading Company ROCKS!) to be given out with the ballot kits. After having to remind people – a couple of times – that the squishy ninjas were not edible they stopped gnawing on them and fiddled with them here and there. I had a mass of them in my pocket (hee! Sounds like a pick up line. “Hey babe, I have a pocket full of squishy ninjas all for you!”) and had a blast handing them out. The best part is screeching “SQUSHY NINJA!”. Heh. I also had the opportunity to sick my possy of pocket squishy ninjas at a row of people who were constantly late with their ballots. Get ’em guys! Squishy ninjas ATTACK!

And that was the Smithees 2003. Zombie Lake won a few categories (and Up the Rating scissor kicked it’s way to first by a lot) which pleased me and TheMan’s “Touch the Shiny Button” won pretty solidly too which I liked to see as well and then there was El Topo.

Right. Enough of that, we went to Pizza house afterward, ate food and went home to sleep like the dead. My poor calves are still screaming mercy from me running them up and down the auditorium thirteen bazillion times. Oh the pain! On the plus side of it all, we hit a new record attendance: 112! Whooo, on an Easter Weekend too. Go us!

Sunday morning came and went and neither TheMan nor I really saw any of it. I almost forgot to give him his Easter Basket too but while I was hard boiling eggs for dying I thought that we might need olives for deviling them and OLIVES! The basket! Fortunately TheMan wasn’t awake and I could have snuck up and placed it by his head so he would wake up and see it first thing, but on the way over I tripped on every single freeking thing on the floor and woke him up. Oh well. He appreciated the basket, which had 2 large sized rocks glasses (for more olives and vodka!), a small bottle of Skyy, a big thing of olives, 2 bottles of wine, some chocolate bits in different shapes (dollar bills for his George addiction and film cans for his photo bug habits and some poker chips because they came with dice (NOT EDIBLE!) and a small Nutilla packet for PB and Nutilla sammiches) some good chocolate, Penguin mints (always a fave) and chocolate covered espresso beans. Whoot! He though it was the best! I rock his world.

We got up, we moseyed over to the mumses where my sis and her husband would be joining us (at some point in time, their 2 pm is a little different from everyone else’s 2 pm) for Easter fun and food. There was a bit of a sad note in that the two of them had found out that morning that one of his good friends had died in a sky diving accident. Mumses had said they didn’t have to come out but they decided they wanted to be with fam rather than alone. There were a couple sad moments but I think being with all of us helped. It’s good to reconnect with your peeps when something this bad happens.

We also witnessed the coolest storm ever. We had been out hunting eggs and had come back in to check out our loot when the sky started to get ugly. I went out to watch it come in and was at first a little worried about the quasi train like noise the wind was making and when the rain started to fly sideways I retreated back inside. A huge wall of rain and wind slammed into the house moments after I hopped inside (it pushed the door quite forcefully shut practically on my heels) and all sorts of leaves that had been riding the wind wall plastered themselves all over mumses house. It was raining so hard the water was coming in the windows on the back of the house where the wind shouldn’t have been. Crazy! It lasted for about fifteen minutes and then gradually died down.

Lastly, and yes I promise lastly, I just wanted to add that my sis is the coolest sis ever. She had “Easter baskets” for us all when they arrived except she didn’t have baskets. She decided that people really don’t need baskets because what are you going to do with them after Easter? So she packaged our goodies in reusable practical containers. I got an ice bucket/potential wine cooler deelie with grass and eggs full of goodies (and the hand care thing I was going to buy…my sis ROCKS!) and TheMan got a thermosy lunch sack thingit thing full of grass and egg goodies and glow in the dark goo (which he was pretty jazzed about. Goo is cool!), my mumses got a cake carrier full of grass and egg goodies and PEEPS! And Mr. Paul got a beer pitcher full of grass and egg goodies. Heh, that was wicked. It was a boss holiday.

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