The Monkey On Your Back

Check it out! I know what I did this Friday. Whoot! It’s like a horror movie but scarier because me! Remembering! Sadly, it wasn’t as fun as a horror movie but at least nobody died.

The Amber game was canceled on account of Mssr. Gonkweasel still working for the Antichrist and LunarGeography’s head gone ‘plody. Tough to run a game under those circumstances so TheRCK called it off. Instead we…

wait for it

Watched the 200th episode of Stargate! And you thought I was going to say played WoW (the game) didn’t you? HA! I have TWO dimensions, thankyouverymuch. Actually, we did play a little WoW later so…ahhh…yeah. But! First we got ourselves some dinner (which was something or other very tasty, I’m sure), invited DQ over and had a little Stargate-a-thon (watched last week’s taped episode and the behind the scenes whatsit before the 200th show). They did a little something different for their big 200th episode extravaganza and I think the best summation would be something one of the producers (writers/directors/whoever) said: “People keep arguing about when exactly Stargate “jumped the shark”. Some say after season two, others argue that killing off Anubis was the clear point while yet others say the introduction of the Priors is what did it. With the 200th episode, I think all speculation will be laid to rest and they all will have a definitive jumping point.” Hee! It’s not that they did a horrible episode, but it was clearly a inside joke, self referential, completely outside of the storyline throw-away that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Two gigantic shark jumping thumbs up for that.

We skipped watching Atlantis because it was a Weir-centric episode that looked like something they totally did in the first season. I don’t like Weir and the first episode they did which looked like this episode sorta sucked. Ergo, WoW (the game). I have no idea what we did other than booger around. I can’t even remember if we played Horde or Alliance. It was pretty fun though, because I was all sorts of sad that I missed out on Saturday.

Yeah, I didn’t get to play any WoW (the game) on Saturday because I had to do responsible grown up stuff. Last week I noticed a couple thin spots in Isaak’s coat but he was bopping around in his usual crazy cat way so I let it be. If the cat is behaving normally in every other way except for one oddity, my standard operating procedure is to wait a week and see if the oddity rights itself. Cats are pretty resilient and most of the time can take care of themselves. Sometimes they get worse or aren’t better in a week so off to the vets they go. It’s absolutely Isaak’s favorite place in the whole wide world (save the tub) and he got to go visiting because he was starting to look a bit mangy about the hind end.

At least this time he didn’t bite the vet.

I also had to do some banking at the most inconvenient bank in the history of banks which is, oddly, conveniently right near the vets. That never happens, except for on Saturday. Oh I take that back, my plan was to bank and then vet but I wasn’t exactly sure if the bank was before or after the vets on the route I took. Of course the bank was after and of course the road was completely fubared with construction to the point that I had to change my plans to vet and then bank. And of course I was running later than I would have liked and the Bank of Inconvenience keeps weird ass short hours on Saturday. Typical. I was sure I’d totally miss my window of inconvenient banking opportunity but again with the huzzah because I slid in right before they closed the doors. Booyaw! Although I think I owe the gods of inconvenient banking a little something something for that.

As for the cat, he might have a thyroid thing, or maybe ring worm but probably not. Maybe. Or it could be something else entirely. They took him in the back for blood work (where he screamed bloody cat murder and sounded like he was being put through a meat grinder tail first and wasn’t going down without an epic fight) and then they told me it would be a waiting thing. We went home via Paneras where the poor kitty shluffed around the back of the bug most in a most distressed manner until he gave up and had a bit of a solid accident. I have never seen a more embarrassed cat in my life (save for the one time I caught my cat falling into the toilet) and to give The “I” credit, he was looking for a box for quite a while before having his little incident. I just completely missed all the signs and thought he was merely trying to get into the paper bags we have in the back rather than testing them for the proper texture. He also ended up going where we usually keep the box when do the long trip up north so yay kitty for at least going in the correct spot, even though there was no box there for spotting in. Ah well. The “I” was quiet and contrite the rest of the way home and didn’t want to talk about it. Ever. Poor kitty.

He’s not only the president of the hair club for cats, he’s a member too.

After the kitty mishap and consequent cleaning, we went over to Badmovie and LunarGeography’s house (she was recovered from head splody) to watch some Smithee flicks. I even made a cake for the first one: Max Hell Comes to Frog Town. I thought it was a fairly bad but amusing flick until movie two: That Which Shall Never Be Mentioned 2: The Adventure Continues. ARRRRRGH! Sometimes Zen filming (which is where you have, as I understand it, a sort of outline and maybe an idea of what the plot is and you just let your actors act what they think the scene should be and film that) works. Sorta. Other times you get what we watched and it completely saps your will to live. So! Much! Pain! We had to keep asking what the goal was because the “plot” never really advanced. Maybe. Or perhaps it did? I don’t know, I picked up a book half way though and read that instead. Apparently, I didn’t miss out much on the movie.

On the other hand, I found a MONKEY on a bookshelf that came back from NC with Badmovie and LunarGeography. They said that since monkeys love me (they do) that they thought this fella ought to come home with me. YAY! He’s a very cool Velcro handed and footed thing and has arms juuuuust long enough to encircle a cat. Or at least encircle a normal sized cat. Kipling, who was the first cat to “offer” monkey rides was a little…”healthy” around the middle to get the monkey on comfortably. I managed, though. Heh. Kipling wasn’t thrilled at ALL to have a monkey attached to him so he slunk around all nervous like…with the monkey. That almost made up for The Movie Which Shall Not Be Named. Almost.

Naturally I had to try monkey rides on my own cats. Well, OK Little Kitty was the only Q cat “offering” monkey rides since I figured Isaak had already had all the fun one cat could possibly have and then some in one day. I was so very disappointed to learn that Little Kitty could care less about monkeys.


Hrrrmph. And I was so sure things would be much, MUCH livelier with the Little Kitty. Especially when I squeezed the monkey and he howled his “press me here” monkey howl. Still the Little Kitty could have cared less.


Sunday I went to bed at 6 in the morning, having read the entire book I picked up during The Movie Which Shall Not Be Named 2. Ow. My. Head. We got up in time(ish) to make it over to Donald’s for Badmovie’s game but that’s about it. Afterwards we drove to Pontiac to check in on the Meow, who was still alive and kicking and fed and watered. We were going to spend some time giving her scritchies and whatnot, since she is a social cat and my sis was on vacation, but TheMan made the mistake of picking the cat up. After that, we were dead to her. Dead.

So basically, we zoomed up to Pontiac, fed the cat and zoomed immediately back. Yeah. Fun times. I have a monkey though!

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