Birthday Wow (the expression), Picnic Wow (the expression) and just plain WoW (the game)

As usual, here’s the weekend in review but as unusual it appears on a Tuesday instead of Monday. I was feeling sad for youJSFR junkies because someone can’t manage to get off their hinder and do two reviews a weekend like someone planned and y’all had to suffer. So I did a last ditch August JSFR Blogaversary marathon run of reviews. Thus, no Monday weekend in review. Think of this as a ultra rare Tuesday post.

Friday MomQ was downstate to do Gramma Minnie stuff so she scooted down the extra two hours to visit with us. Since DQ’s birthday was that coming Monday and the last time MomQ was down was before TheMan’s birthday, we had a birthday extravaganza with presents and eating and games. TheMan got a MomQ Made Hawaiian shirt that I’m coveting like a big ol’ green monster coveting thing and DQ got a box full of Ann Rice books and some travel bug tags. Huh, didn’t TheMan get something else too…oh. Right. I forgot the small head bills. The Qs save small head bills to give to TheMan because he hordes them. I’d say collect but one collects coins and maybe one dollar bills, not meaningful currency. I mean, who’s going to miss a quarter or two? And what can a dollar get you now-a-days anyways? But a fiver? That small head fiver is a large sized cinnamon spice mocha I’m not getting because someone is stuffing all his small head fives in a pillowcase somewhere.

Drives me crazy.

We went out to eat at Cady’s grill in Depot Town for birthday eats. We’ve been there before and the food is really quite tasty, if you aren’t getting the Traverse City chicken thing. It had so much potential and everything was just tasty fantastic except for the chicken. The chicken was cooked within an inch of its life so it was more like chicken jerky than nice, juicy, chicken breast. Le sigh. The worst part of the whole thing was that I could tell that the dish would have been out of this world if only they hadn’t desiccated the chicken breast. Everyone else had a very tasty meal, so I guess I’ll just stick to the Moussaka and the spicy sausage dish. Fortunately, the evening was saved by MomQ blueberry and rhubarb pie. She makes a mean pie. Mmmm, pie.

I even forgave her for taking up all my farm land in Carcassone. That was one tasty pie.

Saturday, we played some WoW (the game) and kicked some NPC heiney. Say, I think we kicked some Alliance heiney as well, so it was a fun morning all around. We did have to pack up earlyish though and do prep stuff for the work picnic that evening. I had made TheRCK’s three bazillion bean salad earlier that morning (before WoW – the game) but the deviled eggs I wanted to make just before we left. My sis went to a Pampered Chef thing and picked up a reversible deviled egg/vegetable tray thing-it that she let me try out. The bit with the egg divots (or the flat part for the vegies) has sloshy freezer goo in it which makes the tray act like one of those cooler pack things when you freeze it. It keeps your eggs or veggies all nice a cool and I thought it was very nifty. Especially coming from Pampered Chef. Most of the PC items seem so single use stupid that they just annoy the heck out of me. I mean a can strainer? Why can’t you just buy a strainer and dump your can innards into that? Why do you have to have a specially made can strainer that fits snuggly over your can to drain your corn? And for that matter, why can’t you just cut the lid off most of the way and use that for your strainer? The reversible veggie/egg tray though, that’s dual use plus we don’t have a good veggie tray. We actually don’t have a veggy tray at all so I may cave and buy one of those at my sis’s impending PC party. Which I have been told that I am attending.

Watch the egg/veggy tray is a hostess item only.

The picnic was fun, although we had to drive half the country to get there. It took us over an hour to get to the place (the super of the unit I’m loaned out to hosted) and the whole way there, one of my coworkers who was carpooling with us was laughing at how quaint and small town America most of the ride was. Truly, we were in some of the more rustic areas of SE Michigan. We ate, we met a moochy cat and then we left when it started to rain. Huzzah!

Sunday it rained. And rained. And rained some more. I had aspirations of going out and getting more gardening work done but instead we played WoW. The Game. A lot of the game. My brain hurts.

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