September?!?? Already?

Gah. I had every intension to update all regular like but I guess I’m hitting my lazy(ier) phase. That and not a lot is going on, as usual…unless you count WoW (the game). We play way too much WoW.

So, sometime before writing this, TheMan and I visited my second or possibly third Favorite Little Asian Grocery Store. I forget what I’ve called it in the past (and I’m too lazy to look it up) and I can’t remember the real name to save my soul, but it’s the place in the middle of town with the back room of live fish and things. I keep referring to it as the Xing Xang Shou Shong store when I’m talking with people (and that doesn’t help any more than “My Second or Third Favorite Little Asian Grocery Store”) because it has four words in the name and one of them begins with an “X”. Yeah, I know. Stupid gaijin. It’s like the Cheese Cheese Cheese shop; both have a name but damned if I can remember what it is.

Oi! I wind up calling all the stores “My Favorite Little Asian Grocery Store” don’t I? I really need to come up with cool names for them; otherwise I’ll just confuse y’all more than y’all already are. You know, I should picto blog Favorite Little Asian Grocery Stores one of these days.


Xing Xang Shou Shong has a really good selection of JSF for a very decent price and they have a really diverse and entertaining selection of live swimmy critters. This time out they not only had eels in their swimmy things tanks, but they had frogs. Really big frogs. TheMan pointed them out and at first I didn’t recognize them as frogs because each one was bigger than my hand. They may have been bigger than TheMan’s hand and his hand is about a quarter wider than mine. The biggest frog I’ve ever seen up close and personal like was maybe the size of a squashed handball. These were even bigger than a squashed softball. That’s…huge! I’m betting that one frog could feed a family of five easily. HUGE!

Next to the frogs they had a tank of turtles the size of small curled up cocker spaniels. Do people really buy turtles and cook them up? I can not wrap my brain around that.

We were going for Japanese snack food and Hello Boss (which is, I think, the only reason TheMan agreed to stop and shop there) and I’m proud to say we scored big on both fronts. There was another kind of Koeda chocolate, which means that I need to rework the original because apparently it’s Koeda chocolate something and I didn’t exactly catch the something on the first review. I’m pretty sure, though, it will be Koeda Chocolate Orange or possibly Mandarin Orange. We found more Pretz (yay pretz) including a Pretz that we will unleash in Badmovie’s presence because if we don’t, the universe will stop. Lastly, we found some Chinese cookies of the rolled up flute variety called “Gookie”. Gookie. How can you NOT pick that up?

Sadly, I could not find the two things I went looking for to finish up the August Liquid Blogaversary Review, although I did pick up some other liquidy items.

We went home and I whipped out two reviews bingity bang, although one review was really a short and sweet “this is canned tea”. What can I say? It was tea. Done. Maybe the JSFR gods were smiling down on me and gave me an easy SF to review. Luckily for you, I was reviewing and not WoW(the game)ing so I do not have several paragraphs on how we did whatever we did in game. I can’t even remember what we did in game when we did play that was exciting enough to report. Hrrrm. Well, we had fun and we did whatever it was that we did. There.

This weekend I really need to weed my garden and pull up that stoopid weed tree number 2. I took a jaunt around to the stoopid weed tree space and the damn thing has sprouted more sprouty things. It needs to go. Like last month. Stoopid weed tree. I also am hoping that this weekend is much nicer than last weekend so I can get out and get some mulch and prep my garden for winter.

OH! Right. The Cat report. We got a call from the vet that basically said “We can’t find anything wrong…is he still losing hair?” OooKay then. Good to know his tests came back clear and normal but…ahhh….there is still a tad of hair thinning going on with the south end of the kitty. I don’t think Isaak is any more bald since the vet visit, but he isn’t any more not bald either. I suppose he’s got a sort of a status quo mange going on. I also discovered that he has lost another tiny grooming tooth next to the one he lost a while back so now we’ve been teasing him about the hair loss and the missing teeth. Oh hey, I just realized something: My cat’s gone hillbilly. Now I’m going to have to put him through the final test and see if he gets his groove on to Lynard Skynard.

The infamous Frogtown cake. It was better than the movie. By far.

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