Labor Day Pictoblog

It’s been a while since I’ve done a full scale Pictoblog. Enjoi!

I had this great idea to send my grandma some cute cut out cookies because I found these really cool prepackaged precut animal cookies. But. For some reason they didn’t cut all the way through the dough which means that I had to trace every cookie with a knife so I didn’t rip off a foot or a tail or a head. Pain! In! The! Ass! Just gimmie the damn cutter and let me do it myself; there’d be a lot less effort and swearing. Crimony!

I am lucky my grandma is mostly blind because every one of these cookies came out fuzzy edged. Look at my mangy cookies! Almost precut cookies – Stupidest idea in the whole world.

And then you have the little bits of dough between the critters, what do you do with that? I cooked them up as little odd shaped cookie bits but how many people just chuck the between bits? Stupidest idea in the world!

Next, since I was on a roll, I cooked eggs for the Labor Day extravaganza thing-it at the mumses house. Yay for Deviled Eggs! (and egg salad because that’s a lot of eggs to be deviling)

Here are my lovely eggs in my lovely egg holder thing-it which was my sister’s until I made a deal with her. I’m going to buy her a fresh new one at her Pampered Chef party and keep this one that I’ve hauled here and there. Isn’t it pretty! EGGS!

Behind my lovely eggs are all the cookies I made this morning. You can see the stupidest idea ever animal shaped cookies, some triangle cookies and a bunch of mini chocolate chip cookies. Sadly, I picked up a batch of “precut” shortbread cookies (ARRRGH!) as well as the stupidest idea ever animal cookies so I was a cutting fool. ARRRRGH! You would think that this would be the end of my woes but no. The mini chocolate chip cookies put in their own two ass by demanding a two inch space around each of the 40 cookie blobs. 40 cookielets with a two inch personal space is more than one cookie sheet. Why? The other packaged cookies only take up one sheet and have about the same amount of dough. ARRRRGH!

Laundry was still on the agenda much to the Little Kitty’s eternal happiness.


Onto the parTAY. This is Mr. Paul’s Big Ass Mammoth Grill of Doom and the two grill butlers (minus the marble tops). And our appetizer on a plate. I wasn’t particularly going for a pic of that but there they are. The Labor Day thing was the maiden voyage of the Big Ass Mammoth Grill of Doom. Look at the shiny!

Lucy was very excited about the grilling. She wanted to help.

Charlie could care less. She’s old, she doesn’t’ have to get all wiggly excited by grilling.

And then the power went out. Wheeee! Fortunately, Mumses and Mr. Paul have a generator. The fridge, some lights (but not the ones in the bathrooms), the pump and the beer cooler are all hooked up to the generator. A warm Killian’s is a sad thing indeed.

We enjoyed the parTAY anyway (fie on you, DTWhatever you are calling yourselves these days!) and we made do with fire because DTE doesn’t have periodic fire outs. HA! We even cooked cornbread in the smoker (sans smoking chips). We wrock the primitive yo.

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