Cider And Donuts

Ummmm…yeah. I guess I took a small hiatus and quit writing for most of last week. Ordinarily I’d let y’all know about any such impending hiatus event but this one even took me by surprise. I was so going to write Wednesday and then Thursday and definitely Friday and of course I hardly ever update on the weekends (all you JSFR junkies know that most of my weekend posts are post dated, as has become the tradition for the JSFR) and then bamn! It’s Monday. Where does the time go?

OK, WoW (the game) takes up a significant portion of it but we did other things that weren’t WoW. For instance, TheMan and I went out to dinner on Friday (I think) and had a lovely Appleby’s evening. Either that, or Friday was the day TheMan made amazing chicken and rice soup but forgot to turn the burner off after serving dinner so leftovers became chicken and rice pilaf (or risotto if you prefer. Whatever it was, it had gone past stew and into that sort of gluey – but tasty – territory of casseroles and other wet but not drippy foods). Hrrrmmmm. We had chicken rice whatsit for leftover lunches so the chicken soup/risotto incident must have been further back in the blank non-updating of my surprise hiatus. OK, Appleby’s it was. We ate out one of those days, it might as well have been Friday.

Four years from now when some big breakthrough on some murder case that happened last Friday suddenly comes to light, I’m going to look like guilty party number one when the cops come all Law&Order to my front door. Where was I on September 8th, 2006? Do you realize it’s September 13th and I can’t remember what happened three days ago much less four years ago? How do people remember where they were on incidental days during nondescript hours in their past? Is everyone else just possessed of better memory than me? Crimony! That’s it. Nobody that I’m connected with is allowed to get murdered on a Friday or any day in which I haven’t written an entry about. Otherwise I’m completely hosed.

I’m pretty sure we might have played a little WoW (the game) in the evening.

Saturday we definitely played WoW (the game) in the morning because Saturday is guild day. We did some questing with the lowbies in a part of the world I hate as a non PVP character, but which I utterly loath on a PvP server. Since it’s contested territory and it has a high level part in it, a lot of high level characters like to go around and gank the lower people who are simply trying to get a quest done. What’s the joy in following a low level around and killing them off repeatedly? Once is just an annoying gank (OooooOOOoo! Look at you, all level 60 taking out a level 30 who has zero chance of landing a blow in one hit. Challenging!) twice is irksome annoying. Nine times is harassment, even though the rules say it isn’t. I really with the PvP system was set up differently so that there wouldn’t be all this stupid ganking on both sides. I bet if you lost experience points for ganking someone much lower level than you, that sort of thing wouldn’t be happening every hour on the hour.

Saturday was also the Official First Day of Cider season because we went to the cider mill for cider (duh) and donuts. I think the official offical first day was Friday, or at least according to Wasem’s site it was, but we decided not to go crack crazy and rush right out there. We waited a whole day! Mmmmm…dooooonuts. Wasem’s has, hands down, the best donuts of any cider mill I’ve ever gone to. Now, I haven’t gone to every single cider mill but back in the day I made it a point to search out new mills and boldly taste the donuts they had to offer. I hit quite a few of the local mills and while there are some decent purveyors of fine donuts, none of them has the selection or the tastiness of Wasem’s.

Along with a dozen assorted donuts and five gallons of cider for wine, we picked up a peck of non-pickled pears for pulverizing into wine pulp. TheMan and I zoomed by Target on the way home and snatched up their last grinder attachment for the Kitchen-aid and with that, we were in wine business. OK, TheMan was in wine business. He spent the rest of the evening cleaning, prepping and making apple wine (which isn’t any more difficult than mixing cider with the basic wine stuff – sugar, yeast, nutrient and maybe something else) and cleaning and grinding the pears to pulp for pear wine. This year we’re planning on making apple, pear, blueberry and possibly cranberry wines.

I played WoW (the game) and spent six hours fishing. Yeah. Don’t ask. At least I got to invent a new term (or rather a new application for an existing term) Hell Ride, which is the act of getting on your fast thing and riding hell bent to your destination. No stops, no turns, no avoiding monsters, just mount up and go. I only managed to pull half the zone twice, but it was a really pretty parade of critters so I feel accomplished! Oh, and I got my master or super angler (or whatever) fishing quest completed.

Sunday was a day of more wine (I believe the blueberries and cherries were processed. TheMan loves him the new grinder) and some garden work! Huzzah! Oooo! I forgot that I weeded the whole thing on Saturday before WoW so I did do something meaningful. Go me! We went out for mulch and fill dirt (for the giant hole the stoopid bush/weed tree left) and maybe possibly some plants. I didn’t see anything that called to me (that I can’t get online next spring fro cheaper) but since we were out, we stopped by Tios for dinner –

WAIT! I remember what we did Friday! That was the day I picked up Big 10 Burritos for dinner. Whooooo! Go me and belated memory! I still have no idea what we did after burritos so if I have ever come into contact with you and you feel like getting yourself murdered this past Friday, please have had it done between the hours of work and a little past work. Anytime after, say, seven I still can’t account for.

Where was I? Man, Big 10 Burrito revelations can derail an entire train of thought. Burritos…Tios…mulch…oh. OK! Back on track. After a most delicious burrito I went out and yanked weed tree number 2, cut out more of the side garden and discovered that I had bought way too much mulch for my project. Three cubic feet is an entirely different measurement than three square feet. On the other hand, I have mulch left over for any other project (or three) I might want to mulch. Wheee!

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