There’s Only One Thing That Smells Like That

And that’s BACON!!!

A while back I made a frog cake for the watching of Max Hell comes to Frogtown and because four people shouldn’t eat a whole cake in one sitting (but are allowed – minus the diabetic and the designated driver – to drink almost a liter of tequila) I left the rest of the cake, pan and all, with LunarGeography and Badmovie. I think they decided that two people shouldn’t finish off half the cake that four people put a good dent into the night before, so Badmovie regifted cake to his coworkers. I love coworkers, they’ll eat the strangest things. Anyway, the cake was et, the pan was washed and it sat about waiting to be returned. I suppose Badmovie could have just given us the pan back at any time, seeings as they live just a holler or two away from us now, but he’s got some sort of pan obligation thing going on. Badmovie figures that since the pan came into his possession filled with edibles, it ought to be returned in the same manner. Badmovie also has a loose definition of the term edibles.

Last night, the pan came back.

I don’t know if y’all remember Badmovie’s previous ventures into edibles or his obsession with bacon but he has been quite the experimenter of pork. First there was the bacon frosting, which was creepy tasty. It was bacon…and frosting. And good. It was better on Cheese-its than graham crackers and made a perfect topping for the BLT muffins, provided the lettuce leaf was also in the mix. I think the lettuce leaf broke my brain. I never did get to try the Cheddar cheese/bacon frosting frosted cheesecake though. This past year, Badmovie scrunged up a recipe for…ahhhh…well bacon candy I guess. I believe it was bacon dip coated in brown sugar and then baked. It was also good in a bacon candy sort of way, although I much preferred the crisper pieces to the woobly pieces. Then again, I’m not much of a woobly bacon person to begin with.

Anyhow, Badmovie came across a recipe for bacon bars which he decided were the perfect thing to fill the pan with for its return mission. He actually had to make the bars twice; once for last week’s Wednesday game, which was sadly cancelled so the freshly bacon bar filled pan made a small detour and hitched a ride with Badmovie to work. Yay coworkers! The second time was for yesterday’s rebroadcast of the preempted Wednesday game so when we arrived at DQ’s house, it was already graced with bacon bars.

Technically, Badmovie made the recipe four times as each pan full took a double batch and he doesn’t have a mixing bowl big enough to do a double batch in. Ergo, the one small bowl worked overtime to fill my lonely pan with the proper amount of bacon barage. I take that back, I’m not sure there IS such a thing as a proper amount of bacon bars.

We ate all but four of them and I’ve come to one conclusion: They would be the best bar thing bar none if only they didn’t have bacon. Sadly, bacon bars are sort of about having the bacon so eliminating it defeats the whole point of them really. However, I brought the last four bars into work today (Yay coworkers!) and everyone who had one rather liked them. Still, the bacon seems to give people pause. The peanut butter is delicious, the tang is delicious, the corn syrup that holds it all together is delicious and how can you go wrong with Honey Bunches of Os? Well, adding bacon does it, but the base bar recipe? YummMAY.

Don’t tell Badmovie, but we started brainstorming about his bacon bars and I think we’ve found a fix for the bacon conundrum. It can stay as long as it’s chocolate covered bacon. That would be downright tasty.

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