Weekend Recap Number a Bazillion

As usual on Monday, here’s the weekend recap. As unusual, we did some fun new things.

Friday, which I remember (whoo!) we vamoseyed over to TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel’s place for the Amber game. Except, the game doesn’t start until 7 pm and we get out of work at 5 (give or take) so there’s always a little bit of meander room after we have a leisurely dinner. TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel live (give or take) on the same side of town as we work and on the completely opposite side of town that we live on so often on those Amber Fridays we either arrive a tad early or find ourselves looking for something to amuse us for about a half hour. This past Friday we amused ourselves by finding a new little Asian grocery store.

*Squeeee*! I have a new Favorite Little Asian Grocery Store to add to the list and I even remember the name of this one! Lucky Market. Heh. Now I don’t have to find some sort of toss up of the words Favorite, Asian, Grocery and Store to describe my newest JSFR procurement establishment. Sadly, they don’t have the best of selection (Hua Xang – the place of live fish – has the most extensive selection of JSFs while Tsai Grocery has the most diverse selection) but they do have some interesting things to offer. I think the common overlap might have been 10%…which is darned good for a small store that has but two, possibly three, endcap displays of JSF. We wandered around and picked ourselves up a little something something to review. Of course we did.

Now I have way too much JSF to review. Yeah, I thought I’d never hear me say that but it is the truth. You Snack Food Junkies might have noticed that Saturday’s JSF was actually on time. I have that much Snack Food in house that I had to actually start doing reviews up. Yeah, I know! Frekky. On time JSF. Isn’t that a sign of the apocalypse? I also reviewed four more Snack Foods this weekend and took pictures of them all. I’m…ahead of the game! Good news for you JSF junkies, your fixes should be on time at least through November.

Saturday was a really fun day. We did our usual Horde guild thing but not what we were going to do because one of the members was off doing real life stuff so we did something else. OH! Right. We hit the place called Gnomeragen, which I hate. I think I like it much better as a hunter than when I took the dr00d or Tan through it but not by much. Gnommies are fun to kill, they amuse me greatly when they up and die.

After that, TheMan and Badmovie went out to clip Smithee things and I took off to do weekend errands. I had the bottles from the past 15 years stuffed in the back of the truck (hey, when you have a truck, bottles tend to stack up because there’s a lot of bed on a truck) so I had to return those and also stop off at Home Despot for garden border, dirt and pete moss. I love having a truck. I also had to go actual grocery shopping which isn’t so keen if you are driving a truck and it either rains or you purchase rolly polly things that can’t seem to manage to stay in their bags. Six of one and all I guess. Anyway, I met a couple people I knew at HD (because, apparently, everybody was out Despoting on Saturday), picked up my stuff plus two roses for the front garden, zoomed over to Hiller’s to return the bottles and pick up some foodz.

Sadly, at this point it was about 5pm and I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast at eight in the morning so I wound up doing more boogering around than I did actual shopping. Man, I hate being stupid hungry. I was so pleased with myself too for getting a couple things on my list (which I had, by this time, completely forgotten about despite it riding prominently in the outside pocket of my purse) that I sort of checked out halfway through my shopping. Oi. Once I got some food in me I remembered that I had had the list on me the entire time and that three quarters of the list resided in the section of the store I completely blew off. Looks like I have to go back and actually go shopping at some point in time.

I got home, ate, signed on to WoW (the game) and boogered around with Boeff alternately fishing and doing very stupid things that we lived to tell about and then I went out and did some gardening. TheMan came home at ten, we dinked around doing something or other and then we went to bed.

Huzzah! Sunday. Sunday, I started illing from the cheese of the wine and cheese meal somewhere in the wee hours of the night. Yuck, but not overly so. By noon I was feeling better but by noon TheMan woke up with cheese distress. I have no idea which of the cheeses I got was off but one of them isn’t a digestive friendly cheese at all. I think it might have been the googhie cheese that smelled a little like fish, although the Romano was a little odd tasting as well. Stupid cheeses. TheMan missed Badmovie’s game, as did everyone else, so we three hung out tasting JSF and generally blabbling the afternoon away. It was a lot of fun for an impromptu social afternoon which should have been a gaming day.

I came home, we went to bed, it was Monday. The end!

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