Arrrrr You Ready For Talk Like A Pirate Day?

DARRRRn. Tuesday is such a poor piARRRRate day. ThuARRRsday or FARRRiday would be much more awsomARRRR piARRRate days, don’t you think? Alas.

Avast! Yarrr! Rum! Ummm…Ahoy maties! Alright, that about exhausts my pirate repertoire. I’d so make a lousy pirate. Heh, I was just about to say I’d make a better mute pirate because then I wouldn’t have to think up all those pirate-y words but I can’t imagine how I get along if I couldn’t yabber. I’d probably invent some sort of crazy pirate hand gesticulation speech since I talk a lot with my hands anyway while yabbering. I’d also probably wind up inventing some bizarre martial art pirate fu with all my hand waving and poking and whatnot. Heck, I almost clobber someone once per week with my silly hands, imagine if waving and whacking them around was the only way I could communicate.

I’d be feared on seven continents: Hand-fu Boo, the deadly mute pirate.

Hrrrrm. Not only do I have not a whole lot of pirate for today, but I have not a lot of anything else. We didn’t come home and play WoW (the game) on Monday but I didn’t do any gardening either. What we did do is decide to spend the night catching up on our taped TV shows from two weeks ago. You know, the shows we watch without fail and religiously and all that. Yeah, I have no idea why it takes us so long to get caught up or even remember to watch the two shows that we do watch but evidentially both TheMan and I have lost our TV gene. We still need to get a hold of this past Friday’s line up because not only did we not watch it, we remembered that we needed to tape it long about midnight on Friday. And of course this coming Friday is going to be some sort of big wow (the expression) season ender, or mid season ender, or rating week whoohah or whatever they have going on. They’ve been teasing the beegeebus out of the trailers all week but does it stick in my plork why they are doing it? No. Anyhow, something big is going on this coming Friday and we haven’t seen the lead up from last Friday.

We did get to watch an Atlantis episode featuring two McKays. YAY! What’s more fun than an entire episode dedicated to my favorite character? An entire episode dedicated to my favorite character and his alternate universe double. Double the McKay for your buck. *squeee* They also did a little SG-1 crossover (yay!) and Weir had maybe three lines (Yay! sorta. I still found her annoying even though she could have been an incidental set prop for all the focus they gave her). If they had had any Colonel Skinner face time, it would have been the perfect episode. Sadly, Col. Skinner is set up as Weirs quasi foil so no Weir, no Skinner. Good ending too in a very “They are so hosed” kind of way.

And that about sums Talk Like a Pirate Day up. We’re officially on VACATION so I gotta get working on my relaxing. See ya on the flip side.

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