Vacation Day Pictoblog

Hey all you working Joes…we’re on VACATION!

Yes, that is the time we got up because we wuz on vacation!

So were they.

AHHH! It’s the first difficult decision of vacation. Leftover Chinese…

…or cereal.

Which goes better with mocha?

Because we were ON VACATION we decided to play a little WoW. The Game BabE!

Check it out! A year and a half and finally finally! got Tan to 60. Huzzah and it’s about damn time. Man, I am not built for computer gaming. 18 months! GAH!

Whew! Getting those last three pez of EXP was exhausting so I went out shopping for supplies. A boo’s gotta eat, yo. And we were low on things I forgot to get the last time I went out shopping.

Lately the air has had that fall feeling to it so I decided to do something about it and picked up a mess o’ cider fixings. Oh yeah, there was going to be some cider action in the Q house but first, dishes. Someone didn’t clean out the big pot after making hamm stock the night before and since I had a big ol’ pot of suds, why not take a crack at the Horde? Hey, I can do whatever I feel like doing on VACATION! Besides, making hot cider calls for the big pot and hamm stock cider is disgusting.

The smaller pot beside the cider pot is simmering split pea with hamm soup. Note to self: Hot cider brewing makes the house smell delicious. Split pea with hamm soup burbling makes the house smell delicious. Both at the same time makes the house smell really, really weird.

Vande-cat is still on VACATION. She takes her time off seriously.

Long about fiveish TheMan sauntered over to the Chick Inn while I was putting the smack down on the Horde to pick up lunch. They make the best peanut butter chocolate malteds. The Chick Inn, not the Horde.

TheMan tootled his vacation butt downstairs and played wine meistro. Today’s vacation project: Washing bottles. I think the plum wine is slated to be bottled this weekend and the newest apple wine (which is currently sitting on the kitchen counter) is getting the rack.

After our respective VACATION projects were done, we took in a Dr. Who.

The cats were still on vacation. Hey, do you know how much of an effort it is to sleep on every single surface of the house? They’re going to need a vacation from their vacation.

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