The Wrong Trousers

Ever have one of those days when you wind up with the wrong clothing on? Like you picked dark blue socks instead of black ones and only noticed during a meeting when you happened to look down and see them poking out of your black pants? Or maybe you grabbed the shirt with the missing button and it took you all morning to figure out why it was so drafty in the midsection? That’s me today except I have the wrong pants on.

At least they are my pants this time, although I still have that pair of mystery pants hanging up in my closet. Anybody missing a pair of men’s 32 x 44s? Or is that 44 x 32? Which comes first, waist or inseam? Well whichever, if anyone out there happens to have a pair of jeans that are slightly tighter in the waist and a tad longer in the leg, Ill trade you. My pants had to have gone somewhere. Anyway, today my pants are mine but they are also the pants I wore last week and should have been tossed in the pile of dirty clothes. Somehow they managed to worm their way to the “these pants are for wearing” space and I blithely put them on. Doo-dee-doo…hrmmm. Is there something different about my pants today? Well, they were in the “these pants are for wearing” space so I guess they are A-OK. Doo-dee-doo. It wasn’t until lunch time that I realized the pants I was currently wearing were a dark navy blue while the pants I was supposed to have put on were a light baby blue. The right (and clean) pair is still hanging on TheMan’s door because I thought I might exercise my buttness and stole a hanger space of his. I showed him eh? Now I’m wearing trou which make my legs feel all crawly because EWWW! How many days have I worn these pants now? Four? Five? EWWWW!

They haven’t quite attained sentience yet but I think they may be being tutored on algebra as we speak by the almond under my desk. Don’t ask; I’m having a thing with the cleaning crew who refuse to vacuum under my workspace despite my picking all the work crap up off the floor. I guess bending over and sticking the hosey sucky end of the vacuum all the way into that spooky space under my filing drawers is not in their contract. I don’t mind so much, the almond keeps its part of the underdesk pretty clean and factors a mean X so…

Also on the clothing front, but the clean happy yet sadly seasonal clothing front, I’m wearing socks now. It has come to pass that the mornings are just too cold for my piggies to be wandering about unclad. Le sigh. This can only mean that fall is here to stay and that winter is not too far behind. Who authorized all this morning chilly anyway? Bad weather people, no biscuit. Where’s my Indian summer? I still have a garden to dig out, it can’t be getting all frosty chilly.

If you haven’t guessed by now, today’s an SAST.

In other news, also seasonal, I saw a Christmas thing in the store last night. Christmas??!?? Cripes!! It’s not even October, let the damn day of spooks have it’s glory before ho ho hoing it off the shelves already!!!! I shouldn’t have to remind those greedy capitalists that Halloween hasn’t even come yet because they’ve had the aisles crammed with candy and spooky themed stuff for a couple weeks now but come on. It’s three damn months early people. GAH! Bad capitalists, no biscuit! I’d totally boycott this affront to my holiday timing but the thing in question was Cadbury solid chocolates in crispity crunchy candy Christmas themed shells. OoooOOOoooo. Evil! They are making Christmas Evil now! *SQUEEE*! No wait, I mean Bad Cadbury! Bad! Christmas stuff shouldn’t come out before Thanksgiving much less in September!

(*squee* evil)

OooooOOOooo! I remembered another on topic seasonal discussion: Halloween costumes! TheMan and I have, I think, decided what we are going as for Halloween. Yeah, we’re being dorky geeky and going as a couples thing. Awwwwww. Isn’t that the cutest? Couples costumes. *tweee* (and also, if you need an insulin shot for that, I might could hook you up). Heh. Our first “couples” year we went in PJs with bathrobes, slippers, sunglasses, ties and a pin-on ID badge that identified us as FBI sleeper agents. *chucklesnort* Next was…I think the stick people and last year we went in generic costumes (specially made up in black and white with a UPC on it and everything). I think I’m missing a year in there. Hmmm. Anyway, this year we’re thinking of going as Schr�dinger’s cat. One of us will have a shirt with cartoon live kitty on it and wording yet to be determined but something along the lines of “particle decay = negative”. The other one will have the cartoon dead kitty (*giggle* I just mistyped catroon) and something like “Particle decay = positive”. HEE! Best! Costumes! Ever!

At least for the lazy among us. Schr�dinger’s cat. Hee!

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