You Hear That Sqooshing Sound?


Adventures in Moving Stuff.

Wednesday we got a phone call from TheMan’s boss asking if we might be up to a car trade so that he could move his daughter’s double loft to her new abode. Apparently, the contraption just wouldn’t fit in the family van no matter how many times they turned, twisted, sat back and rethought the approach or swore at it. So, knowing that we had a full sized truck in our possession and he being a generally thoughtful guy, The Boss proposed a trade: We’d get to zoom around in his bug for a day and he’d take the truck for an evening’s moving and we’d switch back the next day.

Not that I don’t mind lending out the truck but it’s got its quirks. First off, it’s a big sized vehicle for this small road and parking space town. If you aren’t used to driving a building, it can get interesting tooling about. Heck, *I* don’t even like to drive it in the city and it’s my truck. Second, it’s an old vehicle (11 years old) and we don’t drive it much except for the once a week attempt to keep it rolling. It has some issues. Thirdly, I am Murphy’s bitch and I know that unless you are a really, really experienced truck driver (Hi Mr. Paul!) that something bad will happen with or to the truck and I’ll have to be all mad and angry about it (and at you) for the rest of my life. If I’m driving the truck, well that’s just par for the course and I only have myself to blame when the chunk of spacelab comes hurtling down from the sky and blows the bed clean off the cab.

We weren’t doing anything today anyway, so we decided to rack up some more moving karma points and lend a hand. After work, we zoomed home, switched out vehicles and zoomed over to The Boss’s house. There we packed up the truck with a double loft and lo! It was on to the new place. Move ’em up, head ’em out ZOOM!

Then, as we were zooming the zoom of moving stuff, I noticed that the breaks were acting a bit odd. Usually, they kick in near the halfway point of pressing the pedal down and the truck stops as well as any truck stops given the fact that it’s a truck. This time, however, they were having a bit of an issue on the stopping front. Oh, the truck stopped, eventually, but only after I about put my foot and the break pedal through floorboards. Theeeeeeeeeeen it decided it might as well come to a coasting, leisurely halt. Heck, all the truck was doing at the moment was driving, might as well think about slowing down, maybe stopping too. Moodgy! And also Yikes! At least I had breaks…sorta…but not any kind of stopping really fast breaks so the trip in was extra special interesting. The Boss’s daughter’s new pad was smack dab in student central and students do the dumbest things in traffic. Fortunately, none of them decided to leap all willy nilly into my oncoming path so I didn’t have to run over any. Also fortunately, the fix-it guy was about a mile from the new pad so we sluggished the truck over to the garage and left it there.

I’m interested to see what exactly went wrong as the fix-it guy redid all the break lines last year. Ah well. Looks like we’ll be a one car house for a while until they can get the truck up and look at it (Monday). Stopping is a good thing!

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