I am in a mood today so everyone just better back off and hand over the chocolates. And the Crunchies. Damnit, now I’ve gone and said the “K” word which means that I’m going to be up to my eyeballs in expectant cats. Let that be a lesson to y’all: Never use a common term to refer to cat or dog treats.

So yeah. Pity TheMan today. I didn’t get to bed until a bazillion o’clock after 11 or 12 because of fucking World of Warcraft. God damn game. HATE! Seriously, the game is on my shit list because you can’t just play the fucker. Oh no! You have to make an Event of it. You have to Go Somewhere and Do Things of Importance. There are instances you have to do, quests you have to undergo, things you have to accomplish. Nobody wants to booger around (except for TheMan’s crazy WoW (the game) playing coworker – which is cool but the dude has a fam as well and they don’t play WoW and he’s on all the time. I feel a little guilty for taking his time away from them for boogering despite having a good time doing nothing really important in game). Oh no! We have to DO something.

Last night we did an instance and long about 10ish my eyes started trying to crawl out of my head and put themselves to bed. Soooo tiiiired. So I told our group that I needed to get to bed and that I was going to be leaving soon. Leave??!?? But…but…we hadn’t yet gotten to the under boss much less the big boss. Couldn’t I stay on for just a little while longer? We’re almost done.

Almost done? Well shoot, that’s what – 20 minutes or so? Hey yeah. I could do 20 minutes. My eyeballs might just be bleeding a little but that will put me to bed around 10:30 and I’m good with that. OK! Carry on! Fast forward an hour and a half later; it’s now 11:30, my eyeballs are hemorrhaging and I have a headache that feels like an Alien accidentally implanted a chest burster in my brain and the damn thing can’t figure out how to come busting through my skull. We killed the boss boss though. Yay us.

“Little bit longer” my ASS! That damn chest burster is still knocking around in my brain pan today and it still can’t figure out how to hatch itself. Oh, but it’s not giving up. Somewhere in this skull is a space where it can sprooing forth into this world, it just has to find it. I don’t even want to talk about my eyeballs. Payback’s a bitch and they are vindictive little orbs. I did learn, though, that “a little while” translates into “at least one more hour, possibly two” and that “almost done” is a percentage measure rather than a chronological measure. If you’ve done 75% of the dungeon, you’re almost done! Mind you, it may have taken you 10 hours to do the first chunk so 75% of 10 is…why do I always pick stupid numbers to do math with? FINE! So it may have taken you 12 hours (heh!) to do the first chunk so 75% of 12 is 9 which means “almost done” is 3 hours from now. Then. Whatever. HATE!!!!

I think I might be coming down with a cold, which I’ll also blame on World of Warcraft.

The other thing that drives me nuts is how people seem to have their character stats and quests and equipment memorized. Why? I have no idea what any of my characters are wearing, what quests they have done/are doing/will be undergoing because all that shit is stored on the server where my characters live. What pants do I have? If I’m in game, it’s as easy as clicking on those bad boys and bringing up the description. If I’m not in game I have no fucking clue. I don’t have the brain power to remember all that crap. Besides, there currently is an Alien chest burster stepping on my math center trying to explode through my skull. I couldn’t remember what my leatherworking is at even if I wanted to.

I will say this: Tan is at 300 in his professional skills because he reached the top end in both a while ago and can’t go any further. That’s it. Done. End of the line and also the only thing I know for sure on any of my characters.

When you wake up with an Alien chest burster trapped in your noggin, the whole day is pretty much toast right from the get go. Of course it was raining, because it’s always cold and raining now-a-days except when I’m prepared for it, in which case it’s hotter than Satan’s underwear. It didn’t start really raining until we left the house though. Nice. Thus, my socks and shoes got thoroughly saturated when I walked from the parking garage to work. Hate wet socks. I also managed to dump my coffee all over the dash board too, except it didn’t get all over because most of it landed in Beanie Death’s lap. I’m…not sure if I should file that under Good: The dashboard isn’t covered with sticky sweetened coffee or Bad: Beanie Death is covered with sticky sweetened coffee. I did have to bring in the poor bedraggled (but great smelling) Beanie in and give him a bath at work.

Heh. OK, it did amuse me that I had to hold his wee beanie hand up out of the water like he had a cast on because I didn’t want the beanie tag to get wet. Also, I stripped him of his cloak and washed that separately so I now have a completely nude Beanie Death hanging out on top of the shelf that sits above my desk light. I should flip him over so that his other side bakes dry. There. Err…I suppose he needed to be washed off anyway what with him traveling in the car and the dust and all? Yeah. Totally.

Tonight is TheMan’s Wednesday game, which I really would like to go to except I also really, really want to just curl up and go to bed at 6, possibly 5, and not wake up until Friday. Mrrr!

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