We’re All Fine Here…How Are You?

OK! That was a day of Xtreme crankitude. Oi! But I’m feeling marginally better.

I’d fee even better better if I didn’t have to go to my sis’s Pampered Chef party tonight at seven through rush hour traffic to ‘much too far away from here to actually get there in time through rush hour traffic’ land. Granted, she’s got a whole wine tasting party thing wrapped around the PC party (heh, doesn’t THAT look weird), which…cool! And I really ought to go visit her in her stomping grounds once in a while but man. Why she got to do a thing on Friday? She set it all up with an 80s theme night too and I was going to go all Flock of Seagulls (which, BTW is really hard to Google up if you don’t specify ‘music’ or ‘band’. There are a lot of picturesque pictures of birds out there, not so much band) when I thought the party was on Saturday but no.

Luckily, my mumses is also going so I’m going to carpool in with her. Also, still pity TheMan because in order to get to my sis’s house on time, I have to leave directly from work (also why there will be no Flock of Seagulls hair), meet up with my mumses, drive there, drive back and someone’s going to have to pick me up from my mumses. TheMan loves me dearly, he does, because he’s ferrying me a half hour out of his way to meet my mumses and coming back later that night to pick me up. TheMan is AWESOME! I declare today booniversal TheMan day. Huzzah!

In fact, he’s so cool, I might just have several booniversal TheMan days on account. You know, when he is being extra awesome cool above and beyond his normally very cool. Maybe if he gets that carboy of wine off my kitchen island sometime in the next few days I might be persuaded to make it a week long event. I’m just sayin.

I still am not entirely keen on the whole Pampered Chef thing. I find their stuff to be ridiculously redundant a lot of the time. Oh sure, I love the apple peeler because I hate (HATE!) peeling and coring apples with an unbridled palpable loathing but I love me some apple pie. Conundrum! Before Pampered Chef apple peeler I’d maybe make one apple pie a year because I usually got tapped for making the pies at Thanksgiving and while the rest of us love a tasty pumpkin pie, my sis can not abide by the squash. I love my sis enough to make her a special Dutch apple pie even though I’ll bitch non stop about the damn apples for much longer than is really necessary. Now that I have the Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer/slicer unit of doom I…still only make about one apple pie a year but that’s not the point! I could make lots of apple pies now and not have to pitch a fit about peeling and coring since the PC (heh) peeler practically makes the entire pie for you. So in theory, it has saved me lots of work and grumbling if I would actually get off my lazy keester and made some apple pies.

However. That’s one product out of a bazillion bizarrely uneconomical items. It’s like the Trader Joe’s of cookware; there’s not a whole lot of stuff a real cook would use but there is sure a lot of stuff people who dabble in cooking might use. Then again, maybe my sheer laziness balks at the idea of one item for every single function. Hey, I can make almost any bakery item with one measuring cup, one measuring spoon and one bowl. Oh, and baking pans but the point is that I don’t have to do three million dishes for one cooking project. Pampered Chef has got to be in league with the water companies because you certainly aren’t encouraged to do as much as you can with one item.

I think I will buy one of those keen egg/veggie freezie trays though so my sis can have hers back (or actually, so my sis can have a new one since I’ve gone done and appropriated the one she bought for herself). OK, so Pampered Chef makes two keen items out of a bunch of items I don’t really need since I already have items that do the same thing (and much more!). I will eat cheese though. Sis is going to have cheese at the parTAY. I’d do anything for cheese.

Other than that, I really think today is Thursday. That’s going to be a very pleasant surprise tomorrow when I wake up thinking it’s Friday when it’s actually Saturday. It’s like cheating the week. Whoo.

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