A Sign Of Fall

Hallo hallo! At least I have something a little different for the weekend review other than “We played Warcraft” but only because we have no PPOE something or other and ergo no internets. Damn you DSL provider!

Instead, I napped.

Hey, I haven’t had a decent nap since last weekend or possibly Thursday. A boo’s gotta get her beauty sleep!

But first: Friday.

Yeah. Pampered Chef. TheMan and I met mumses at one of those park and ride places which was much easier for us and faster and convenient and all that happy stuff for all involved. In fact, it would have made our arrival an early enough event that we might have snagged some chow but for that thing called “stupid idiot drivers”. Fucking traffic. Also fucking memory and fucking 6 mile road. Anyway, we made it in time, sis put out a tasty spread and I totally apologize to any party goer that didn’t get any baked brie. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have had so much of the tasty, tasty brie and left more for the rest of you (save mumses who was matching me munch for munch) and…oh hell. No I’m not. It was delicious and I have but one thing to say to anyone who didn’t get their fill: You snooze you lose!


Other than that, I still can’t figure out why people are all goo-ga over this stuff. I got my egg/veggie freezie thing, about passed out when all the numbers were totaled up and then high tailed it outta there. We didn’t have to go through all the “I’m making this food dish with this PC thing here [make make make] and cooking it in this thing there [cook cook cook] and not we can taste it!” routine as the consultant had everything done beforehand. Also, the whole wine and cheese tasting thing sis had going on to ease our PC party pain made for a cool evening. However, I recommend against getting Cabana Pete (Mike, Bob, I can’t remember the name) red wine unless you like a very sweet, sweet wine. Blech!

Saturday we played the normal WoW (the game) in the morning because we had PPOE something or other and then I decided to have a little nap. Someone forgot that they had taken their glasses off Friday night and that same someone read for two or more hours. Consequently, when that someone played five hours of computer games, the resident chest burster which accidentally resides in that someone’s head tried to get a-hatching. Skull no plody for chest bursters, ergo I decided to have a bit of a lie down until the alien offspring quit with the bashing around. Those alien chest bursters can get quite a righteous thrashing going if they are caught in your skull.

Oh I had such hopes for Saturday but alas, I was out for the count until 9:30. On the plus side, the chest burster gave up and went wherever it goes when it’s not trying to hatch my head, but on the down side Saturday was a mostly wasted day. Hrrumph. TheMan was out Smithee editing and I decided to poke around on-line but no PPOE thing-it for us. Wah! Although come to think on it, that’s probably for the best.

I managed to get a fair chunk of afghan done (whoo) and even found some more yarn so I can continue on with the afghanage. As far as I can tell, one skein will make just shy of one complete pattern loop or about six inches of blanket depth. I’m going to need a lot of yarn. I also found a pattern book at Michaels that had three patterns I had previously done for which I only had photocopied directions to. Score! Books wear out much slower than a loose bit of paper. I think, though, I ought to do another pattern in the new book to justify the expense, don’t you? How many afghans can one have going at one time anyway? I think this question needs to be studied in a very scientific manner. I need more yarn!

I can stop at any time. Really I can.

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