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And other miscellany. Yup, this looks like it’s going to be a SAST (an SAST?) so hold on to your hats.

Sadly, I didn’t win the lotto because I don’t play the lotto – mostly because I’m lazy. I’d play but that would involve actually going and buying a ticket. Then I’d have to remember to look up the numbers the next day or the day after or Tuesday or whenever they announce the numbers. See? I’m so bad at lottoing that I can’t even figure out when they announce the numbers. I’m entirely sure that even if I remembered to get a ticket and look at the numbers, I’d totally forget what my numbers were and also where I had stashed my ticket. That ticket, would of course, be the winning ticket unless I actually found it, in which case it’d be a bust and what’s the point of expending energy on a worthless stub of lotto ticket? Truly. I am that bad with things of this nature.

If I did win the lotto though, I’d have the best garden anywhere. Oh, and I’d get a maid to come in and do the damn dishes twice a week or something. Stupid Horde. I’d also probably take a bunch of time off of work, buy a whole bunch of organizer thing-its and go through the house like a boo possessed. The Q house needs at least a week of major clutter vanquishing, perhaps in the form of an organizational typhoon.

For instance, take the books. Four years ago, TheMan and I got out our collective collections, weeded out the duplicates and shelved all 17 million books we own. Sorta. At least we shelved a goodly amount of them but somewhere along the line the project puttered to a standstill. Some of the books are still in piles below the shelves, others are piled on top of the shelved books, some sit on coffee tables, some just hang out in the middle of the floor. This is not conducive for clearing clutter but there has to be a massive and complete overhaul book reorganization before I can expect all books to wander back to their proper homes. Hell, some books have been sitting on dressers or desks for so long they might think that space is their proper home. Drives me nuts!

Do you want to find a book at the Q house? Well, first of all you have to know who owned it originally because we haven’t quite gotten it all intermingled. My books are mostly in the dormer shelves while TheMan’s books are all along the middle wall, unless it’s one of those few titles that we have intermixed. In which case it’s most likely on TheMan’s shelf but not guaranteed so. If it’s my book you have to know if I have it in hardcover or paperback because I shelve them separately. TheMan shelves his books all mish mashy together so at least it’s easier to find what you want regardless of type. Then you have to know what kind of book it is since all the gaming books, most of the foreign language books and a goodly number of those instructional and reference type books are on bookcases downstairs. Was it a graphic novel? Well then you are back upstairs but looking on the bookshelves that line the back of the staircase. Lastly, is it a book that TheMan has read in the last five months? Then it’s likely to be almost anywhere or on an ever growing pile of books that lives on our upstairs floor.

Finally, once you’ve figured out where the book you might want to look at could be (in theory), you still have to find it. I was looking to see if I had David Edding’s Belgariad the other day so I ambled over to my paperback shelves. I figured it would be right by the Malloreon, which I knew I had, but no. I had nothing. Not even the Malloreon, which I thought strange. I looked a little here and a little there until lo! I found both sets (almost, it appears as if I’m missing the last book in the Belgariad) a shelf and a half after all my Stephen Kings. Because in my world, I apparently alphabetize by third letter of the first name. So yeah. Even if you know where you should find a book, it’s not necessarily going to be there because I was having an off alphabet day.

One weekend I’m going to grab all the books we own and do a massive sort and shelve…just as soon as there is floor space upstairs to do it. Oi.

Hey, do you know what totally makes a schwarma sammich? The pickle. Mmmm.

TheMan and Badmovie have been translating Smithee quotes into other languages the past couple of days. Why? I have no idea but it’s quite a lot of fun to do. I think it all started with “Life is hot, Frankie. And because it is hot, I am compelled to remove my jacket.” and just escalated from there. Life has not been lived until you have read “Imperial battleship: Halt the flow of time!” in German. I’m just saying.

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