Experiments 101

A new and improved more substantial Short Attention Span Theater!

I just lugged in, well OK I carried in because the whole package is about three inches square, a mini tea garden. My sis gave it to me for Christmas…or maybe she gave it to TheMan? We got it from my sis in some fashion and it has been sitting on top of the book shelves, which still have no books on them, doing nothing. A whole lot of nothing going on in that room, so I decided to bring them to work and plant them here. Maybe they will grow, maybe they wont. It’s sort of an experiment experiment. 1. Is there enough light three stories underground to germinate my seeds and 2. Will they grow if they can grow and maybe…yes a 3. Can I keep them alive.

I unpacked the kit and found two cup things; one roundy and one flared, a one inch by 1/4 inch circle of squished pete moss stuff, two packets of seeds; Oregon Peppermint Herb Tea and Herb Peppermint, a tiny diffuser ball and instructions. I read the instructions and did the first part, which was put the moss doohickey in a cup (I chose the roundy one) and add water. Man, those flat fellas can expand. It’s like super squished ultra dehydrated finely stomped pete moss (of doom) and I had to add some of my hot water because it kept on expanding even after giving it a good soaking. I have enough for two bowls (which I have because they gave me two. Hah! Although I think one was the planter cup and one was the drinker cup).

Now that the moss isn’t flaming par boiling seeds hot any more, I am going to add the seeds. First, the roundy bowl will get the Ho ho! Well look at that, it’s not 2 packages of seeds but rather a packet of seeds and a tea bag. Good thing I took a look. OK, one package of seeds into the hopper. One tea bag into the hot water. Why not, we shall see if it is any good after it steeps a bit.

Yikes, there are a lot of seeds and they are very very tiny and they are now all over my desk. Maybe that’s experiment number 4, see if any can live off the board chow in my keyboard. Anyway, so I have about half of them split into the two cups and the other half back into the packet (minus the escapees). There are about a million seeds here so I opted not to over crowd my work fellas too much. I’ll plant the others at home or something. They each have about an 1/8th inch or so of pete moss over them or the best indoor cup planting 1/8th inch estimation at least. According to the instructions: They like moist soil (OK, water them) and should germinate within 10-12 days (let’s see, that would be May 4-6). Updates daily!

The tea tastes like drinking Wrigley’s Spearmint gum (is that the white packaged gum of theirs?). Not to bad, definitely a peppermint tea.

Next is a little thing I concocted for yesterday which I may or may not be calling Proctor Ramblings or maybe Notes from Proctoring or, you know I really wish proctoring didn’t sound like some sort of rectal exam procedure. Every exam time they have the secretarial staff do the whole room warden thing for exams (get the exams and instructions, go to the room and pass them out, sit and watch for cheaters or whatever, answer questions, collect the exams and deliver them to the professor) while the rest of us are called on to give them breaks. They take a handful of people from the library (one from each department? and since I’m the only expendable one in my department I always get to go) to give the primary proctor a half hour break. I have done this for the past four years or so and it’s really boring.

This year I decided I am going to take my note pad and write down random thought or doodles (hey, pictures!) and transcribe them for you all. My first relief proctoring (shut up, I can hear you giggling) was supposed to have happened yesterday but the lady didn’t want a break. OK by me. Next one is Tomorrow (which means two entries! The Friday Five AND the Notes of Ennui. Special treats!), then Monday through Thursday. The fun never stops. I may be doing lots of fish scribbles tomorrow, or not. My ENTP brain can’t be locked down to a single idea!

Fish scribbles? Why yes, Fish scribbles. Funny you should ask. Somehow, and I think the inspired thought may have originated with DQ, although TheMan says he too thought of this as well asbadmovie but anyway the Smithee crowd is going to get a button maker. DQ found the info and I gathered the possibilities in concrete form and now we are waiting for input and by tomorrow we could be the proud owners of a button maker in transit. We thought it would be an excellent way to promote the show (and hopefully we can get things up and running for Origins) by giving out Smithee buttons. I suggested that we each draw or make up a limited edition set of all the categories in buttons and then give them away. Smithee originals! I was going to do stick figure guys but TheMan really likes my fish drawings so I might doodle some fish.

I have Worst Actor all thought out already while walking home from TheMan’s work but then my brain went 1kbwc and I thought up two more of those (of course fish cards!) so I may be fish doodling more than I want to. They are pretty good cards too! Of course they are, they have fish! The only thing that would make them better is cheese.

I guess that too is an experiment! Look at that.

I tell you what, I will think about putting up snaps of my Smithee Fish designs as I craft them if I feel like it and if I want to disclose the limited artwork. Then again, someone could just steel my fishes off the web and pirate their own Smithee buttons so maybe not. I’ll give it some thinks. Meanwhile y’all have a good day.

2 Responses to “Experiments 101”

  1. Alessar Says:


    You should do the Neko Hordes quiz! It’s so appropriate for you!

    PS why does your web page keep trying to run a script? I have really locked down my browser and I’m noticing people flinging scripts and cookies at me like never before. No cookies for me, thank you. And I’m trying to cut back on the java as well. ; )

  2. Boo Says:

    Oh ho! But I did do the Neko Hordes quiz but havent yet stored it away for another links entry. I got the rough and tumble pounce on everybody kittens of doom. Can’t remember what they were really called but it had the picture of two kitties wrastlin’.

    Man, my life would be complete if someone flung cookies and java at me! Put a cheeto in my mouth!