Sucks to be My Coffee Laden Ass This Morning

Hrrrmmmmm. Today is not shaping up to be an auspiciously glorious day. On one hand, I got another chunk of dishes done this morning, but I didn’t get to the wine glasses (which was my initial plan) and I slopped suds water all over my socks. Twice. Wet feets are no fun.

TheMan and I had our usual morning coffee and some cereal and then headed out for work. He will be staying after to do more Smithee editing while I drive all over hell and back doing about a bazillion errands. First I need to hoof it to the wine store and pick up supplies, then drive to the pharmacy, Kroger, Home Depot and gas station (which are, thankfully, all located in the same mall), then I have to zoom to Michael’s to pick up yarn and shirt paints and then back to pick up TheMan. Crazy! And also why I parked at the parking lot by the Union, because the wine store is in that direction. Conveniently, the union and tasty coffee is also in that direction so I got me a cappuccino and a bagel for $4 and miniscule change. Damn Starbucks and their $6 morning coffee and munchie. BAH! You are dead to me. Dead!

Then I remembered that they shut the water off to my building. I had to go up two flights of stairs, through another building, down a flight of stairs, and to the very other end of the second building. That’s very much like having to pee and needing to walk down the block to your neighbor’s on the corner when you live on the opposite corner. Oi!

On the kitty front, Vande-cat is well on her way to recovery from her kitty cold. Huzzah! It’s probably all the sleeping she has been doing. That cat can nap! The down side is that she appears to have passed the cold torch over to Isaak. He’s got a righteous case of goopy eye and is sneezing up a storm. Cat won’t relax either so every time I went in to check up on him, he’d drag his snot filled, cold weepy head off the bead and look at me all bleary eyed “Whaaaaaat?”. I’m pretty certain just thinking about him triggered some sort of alert which caused him to pull up the brink of sleep and look around. Vande-cat, on the other hand, couldn’t be bothered to wake up for the dead. I almost sat on her head before she opened her eyes to see who it was that was coming perilously close to squishing her flat. She didn’t even budge a muscle when Isaak woke up to give me the bleary eye and then proceeded to sneeze kitty snot all over her head. That’s hard core napping.

In other news, wine stuff was done this weekend. Huzzah! TheMan bottled the plum wine on Sunday and we got to have a taste of said wine from the bottle which was a little too cloudy to be given away. For some reason, the plum wine had an amazing amount of sediment. I htink we lost about 2 gallons to sediment alone. Weird. The wine is very tasty, sweet and packs a punch. We think Mumses and Mr. Paul will like it, despite the short run. I think we might also want to think about adding plum wine to the list of regulars, especially now that we have a grinder!

I did not get as much done Sunday as TheMan did. He was a chore go getter and would like you all to know that he mowed! The yard! All of it! He also discovered that someone let their very large dog wander about and said dog seemed to like the seclusion of our back yard. And also, I’m supposed to remember to close the damn gate when I go play with my garden. Big ball of HATE for people who can’t keep an eye on their stupid dogs.

My accomplishments included shopping on Saturday and managing to forget several items despite their being on the list (doah!), all but one load of laundry done and just a single load of dishes done. Plus, a whole pack of Warcraft played. Really, yesterday was pretty industrious if you consider the fact that I never got dressed. Laundry! Focus on the laundry!

Well, wasn’t that the shortest weekend recap ever? Huh! I might be persuaded to make chili tonight (oooOOooo! And cornbread would be tasty. I wonder if we have canned corn? Why don’t I ever think of these things when I’m at home and able to go and check?) as I picked up some ground turkey on my Saturday outing. I also picked up a wad o’ pork (I think it’s a shoulder roast) and some chicken breasts. It’s time to go back to meal planning and budgeting at the Q house and also, our freezer chest is looking mighty bare.

OK, I’m beginning to put myself to sleep so I’ll sign off. Chow and all.

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