Random Hate, Random Love

Lately I have had a lot of cranks that I need to air out but a whole day of I HATE X would be pretty ornery to read no? So I think I’ll throw in some other stuff that has amused me too. Hey! If I could remember how to code color text I’d mark the hate in red and the love in…wait. Love is usually red isn’t it? Well that’s not going to work. Hmmm. Well since I can’t off the top of my head remember how to code colored text and I’m way too lazy to look it up and red is the same as red anyway, I won’t.

Starbucks. Starbucks is continually on my hate list for one thing or another so this isn’t really much of a surprise. This time they’ve made the list for raising their prices. You know, because $4 for a big mocha was way undercutting their profit margin and hurting the company. Now, however, they are on top of things and flying high with the new price restructuring. Fucking $4+ mocha. I’ll tell you from mocha, hit an Amir’s and get the same thing AND still have change leftover to park. I have decided as of this Monday that I’m not doing Starbuck’s any longer so they can take their $4+ coffee drinks and do very unpleasant things to their own person with them. But. If I happen to find myself in a Starbucks with a need to order a drink, then I’ll order a SHORT sized drink because it pisses them off. They don’t like to admit that they have a short sized (8 oz) but they are obliged to make one for you if you ask. They will also be very hush hush about it and either hand it to you personally (and thereby circumventing the having to call out the size and drink) or they will call out your…well more like whisper out your drink order and hope you are close enough to hear it.

But…sadly, I found the cutest Halloween themed coffee mug at our local Starbucks and it’s only because I’m currently pissed at having to shell out $6+ for mocha and a breakfast goodie that I haven’t snapped it right up. That and because it has a price tag of ten dollars, which is a little steep for something I don’t really need. Still. It’s a cute brown and orange mug with a giant monster EYEBALL on it. It’s like drinking out of a fall colored Cyclops head! *SQUEEE*. They have another style which is quite cute on the outside but the inside of the mug has a swirly pattern that would give me vertigo if I had to look at it while drinking my morning brew.

Elevator etiquette. People, listen up: When you are in a lobby area and have called an elevator, let the people who are inside getting out get out first before you push your all important self into the elevator. It’s like this; we on the inside have nowhere else to go when you plow your fat ass through the doors. It’s true. Most elevators are much, much smaller than the lobbies they attach to so please, just step the fuck back into your spacious lobby and give us elevator escapees a chance to migrate out. If you can’t manage to grasp that simple fact of niceness I have another fact that might be easier to grasp. I often am armed with a cart. I’m just sayin.

Japanese Snack Foods. They make me giggle.

OK, look. I’m all for donating to charity and good causes and blah blah Samaritan cakes (hey, was there ever a bad Samaritan?) but sometimes you have to draw the line. That crappy moth eaten threadbare sweater? Nobody wants it, throw it away. No really, toss that sucker because giving it to charity because “someone might need it” is delusional. The moths don’t even want it anymore and please don’t ask them for an itemized list of all the crappy crap you are dropping off. The Salvation Army is not your tax write off closet trash bin. I wonder what the ratio is of useable to unusable stuff the Salvation Army winds up with.

Never poke your leg out of the covers when one of your cats has a kitty cold. The chances of it being sprayed in cat snot are very, very high.

TheMan. Nuff said.

Monday, during my evening of errands, I happened upon a yarn sale at Michael’s. Bonus, since yarn was the whole reason I was going there in the first place. I wound up with almost what I needed to finish off my current blanket project but it was really more than I was planning on spending. I guess that makes little to no sense as I’d have to pick up that many skeins anyhow and I saved $11 by buying them on sale, but I wasn’t planning on shelling out 11 skeins worth of yarn that night. I’m trying to budget my hobbies. Anyway, I went in for 3-5 skeins, I bought the store out of stock (I even found one way, waaaay up in their stock to be shelved boxes above the yarn aisles but they didn’t count on my height and gorilla arms. BOOYAW!). My quandary is that while I was stuffing skeins into my travel basket, I happened upon a really pretty yarn that was also on sale and would make a perfect blanket for someone else. I’ve already blown my hobby budget for this paycheck so I shouldn’t stock up on blanket #2 yarn, but on the other hand…Sale!

Why can’t they make a decent variegated yarn? What happened to real people, subtle colors? I don’t want my tans to delve into red, green and purple. Not really, no.

I do believe that’s all for now. Tune in later when I might have something to say. I’m working on an idea for seasonal a picto-story. Be afraid!

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