Japanese Snack Food Review: Gookie (vanilla)


Gookie 2: The sequel. Hey look, they make several different kinds of Gookie…or at least two that I could find. This Gookie, like the last Gookie (see link) is one of those thin, thin, thin rolled up crispity cookies with filling in the middle kind of deelie. Unlike the previous Japanese rolled up cookie critters (for Gookie is, still, a Chinese rolled up cookie thing), Gookie seem to be more tightly wound and therefore a little less snappy crispy in a way that 1000 layers might be less snappy that 100. Make sense? Well, just think about how much of the snappy crunch you might miss if you are still plowing through 900 more layers of cookie. That sort of dense crunchy but not necessarily snappy crunchy type of crunch.

I took a gander back at the Milk Gookie to refresh my memory and I found that Vanilla has some similarities. Both Gookie(s?) have a pretty rad cocoa whiff to them, both have that dense Gookie crunch and both have a sad lack of gooey center. That was pretty much how Milk summed up but Vanilla continues on where I wish Milk had gone. Vanilla Gookie follows through with its cocoa promise and the cookies…err…Gookies are a nice, dark bitter sweet tasty chocolaty. Mmmmmm. I’m very much enjoying the lack of chemical flavoring here. Also, the center goo, which I am going to assume is the vanilla that they are referring to in the name, meshes really well with the chocolaty g/cookie. It’s not an overpowering VANILLA IN DA HOUSE but vanilla shouldn’t be that way anyway. Vanilla is one of those flavors that make your main flavor taste rounder and deeper, and that is exactly what this vanilla is doing for the chocolate g/cookie. It manages, with a minimal amount of goo, to sneak in there and make the Gookie tastier. It also manages to add a hint of nicely sweet to the cocoa bittersweet Gookie. Mmmmm.

All in all, the Vanilla is a much better Gookie that the Milk was, so I think the Vanilla should go home with a


of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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