Australia! It’s What’s for Dinner!

It’s the weekend review. Enjoi.

Friday night will be the easiest day to recap because it went like this: Dinner. Headache. Nap. Saturday! TheMan made it out to the Amber game, which I am told was fun. I made it to about 6 o’clock before deciding that the alien chest burster trapped in my head was winning and opted out of going. Ain’t nothing so antisocial as going to someone’s house only to have your dumbass chest burster that got itself trapped in your skull finally find a way out and spray brain matter everywhere. Fortunately, I have a very stupid chest burster but that doesn’t stop it from trying to hatch from my head.

Saturday we got up a 4:30 IN THE MORNING to participate in our first raid ever on WoW (the game). Why 4:30 in the morning? Because we got ourselves into a mostly Aussie guild and when they plan a raid for after dinner their time, it’s still way too damn early on this side of the world. Still, if we wanted to go on a raid, 4:30am it was so 4:30 we did. With a lot (lot!) of coffee. The up side to playing with the Aussies is that they have figured out how to type in complete sentences with spelling. The down side is that someone’s on the wrong end of the clock when we all get together. Frankly, I’ll take the inconvenience of getting up butt early once in a while for the joy of conversing with people who spell out ‘you’, ‘are’, ‘what’ and ‘please’ and who also can find the shift key when appropriate.

For those of you not in the know about raids, a raid is a large assault on one of the dungeon areas of the game in which you take in a group of groups. Normally the groups are 5 people big, but in a raid you can take in multiples of five people (or actually, any number of people I suppose. We set up a raid once because we had six people with us but it wasn’t technically a “Raid”, just a way around the five group limit). We did ZG (errr…Zul Gu’rub? Whatever. Something. Trolls. COFFEE!!!), which is a 20 man raid and it was…an experience.

There’s a certain etiquette to raiding which involves not looting because raid goodies are extra special goodies. Normally someone master loots them and then doles them out to various people who win them somehow. It seems to vary from group to group. Anyway! Lesson stuck in my head: Don’t loot until someone tells you that you can! K! Pretty simple. Rule number two was “Listen to the raid leader who will tell you what to do”. KK! Also simple. I did some reading up on the particular place, learning how the fights usually go, what my class is supposed to do, blah blah prep cakes. I was set!

Then, when we all got assembled, the raid leader said that he wanted to run this particular raid with speed and precision! Everyone should know what to do when. Move out!

Uhhhhh. Yeah. What? Wait a minute! We…what…ARRRGH! I’m not so sure our n00bness was a bright spark to the raid leader’s plan, but we faired OK, more or less. We were all on Vent (a system that lets us hear and talk to each other while gaming) but no matter how much coffee I have had, 4:30 in the morning is still too early to try and untangle some of the thicker Aussie accents. My basic strategy was to wait until other people attacked something and then pile on with my DoTs. Fortunately, the warlock class is really easy to fudge like that and no one really notices when you do. TheMan, on the other hand, has a DPS character and really needs to be on the ball with the monster hurting.

I’m not sure we finished the raid (?) because the leader said that already it was whatever time it is in Australia when it’s 9am here and that things weren’t going well. He was upset that no one was paying his lead any mind (which, yeah. It took until half way through until people stopped boogering around and focused on one target at a time) and canned the rest of the raid. Maybe. I have no idea. N00B! All I know is that TheMan and I got jack for goodies and had to fend for ourselves a lot of the time with what little knowledge we had gleaned before the whole shebang. Occasionally the leader or one of the other people would tell us what the next fight was going to be about (and my crazy WoW leveling coworker was sending me private messages on what to do when important things came up) and that was cool but a lot of the here and now commands were bungled. I guess it was an OK time and a good learning experience but I really would have liked it is one of us had gotten a goodie.

After that, we took a nap! Tasty sleep.

Least you think I was a total slacker, I’ll have you know that I got up around 3ish and headed out to do garden work. AND! I cleared out the entire runner garden I was working on. Fini babE! I wrok the gardening yo. It’s all desodded, mulched, bordered and ready for me to dink with this spring. I also trimmed up a couple bushes, got rid of an entire stoopid bush (well, down to the evil root ball that is. I’m leaving that for next spring) and put down the remaining mulch. Whoot! I’m done with gardening for the season.

I also got to talk with a neighbor of ours from a block or two over who was out walking with his toddler. Odd sort, very friendly (he stayed for over an hour gabbering) but weirdly not very conversationally proactive. Once I broached a topic, he’d happily talk volumes about it (we had a right jolly discussion about house projects wherein I learned that he is also “those neighbors” with the mangy lawn. He said his house was currently sporting mullet lawn: Short in the front and knee high in the back. Heh. Mullet lawn) but he wasn’t much of a conversation starter. I let his kid play with a garden…spade? The small hand shovel garden tool anyhow, and the kid had a blast poking around in the other end of the garden. Eh, nothing was planted I saw no harm in his making holes here and there.

The garden done (whoo), I washed up and we headed out to buy some things and get dinner. Pumpkins were on the list as well as more of those shaped Halloween cookie because I ate most of the ones I was supposed to send to the G’mas. Hey, they were too dark to send off and I’m sticking to that story hard and fast. I think we ended the night with some Dr. Who watching and went to bed.

Sunday TheMan left for work and Smithee editing and I spent most of the entire day doing dishes. I also stuffed my 5 disc CD player full of awesome (Awesome!) tunes and rocked the dishes, the cookie baking for the grandmas and the general picking up. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that and I do believe the Horde is mortally afraid of my music bopping 5ki11z because they washed up like a charm. I even washed all the dusty wine glasses hanging on the rack. Aruha.

Badmovie, LunarGeography and I were supposed to get together at…5ish? Something dinner time-esque anyway and do some Smithee ’08 watching except LunarGeography came down with the sick. So Badmovie wandered over solo (with a slim possibility of LunarGeography coming back from the dead and joining us but alas. She did not come and play) and we watched three Smithee film duds. One was too bad for Smitheeage (production value issues), one was more disorganized rather than Smithee worthy and the last one was actually a decent flick. ARRRGH!

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