Printer Hunt

Three buildings, eighteen floors, hundreds of rooms and twelve printers scattered throughout them all. You would think that once you put an oven sized printer someplace that it’d stay there but no. Every year I wind up having to go around and check on all our printers and every year one or two of them has gone AWOL.

Last year we did a whole big IP something or other whatever which involved me having to go physically eyeball each and every one of the twelve printers. Let me tell you; if you don’t keep close tabs on those suckers they’ll up and boogie on you. One of them, an evil stubby little Westmark laser printer, had been hanging out for years…YEARS! unplugged in an out of the way office. I’d see it every once in a while and think “Hey. There’s that dusty unused stubby evil little printer” and move on. One day I went by the office, and lo! They had gone and made it into a conference room and the stubby printer was gone. Nobody to this day knows where the evil little printer went, it just up and took off.

Today I was dinking around getting the two new printers situated so I decided I might as well go and check on all the other printers. One of them seems to have been kicked out of a room that they are repurposing but the companion printer, as best as I can figure, is still in that room. Maybe. That’s one of my printer issues so far. The other issue was that I found a printer (huzzah!) where one shouldn’t have been (according to my notes) but lost a printer where one was supposed to be. This time, it was the same printer, moved from one location to another, which made me happy. Printer hunt is kinda fun. I get to wander around and I get paid to do it.

Other things that are fun, but not printer related, are SMITHEE STUFF!! I went out shopping for MegaMeta puppet spoils and got lots of excellent stuffs. My best score, though, was getting a couple of foot long hanging vampire bats for the Bat Rat Spider Crab. They were $10 each, which had me wincing because already the BRSC had a $4 body (x2) and a $2 tail (x2) and I still needed crab claws (x2) and that’s one expensive critter! Plus, what do I do with two headless vampire bats since all I needed was the bat head for the BRSC? Then it hit me: The wire flying bat boys from the chromatic vampire movie! All I would need are little bat boy doll heads to put onto the headless vampire bodies and wala! Little bat boy puppets!


For those of you who care, I’ll be doing a guest comic over at TheMan’s site tomorrow. Well, I’m setting it up today but it’ll post tomorrow.

I am arcing pop tarts. I’m sure there are many other things that I really wanted to say but my poor plork is doing all it can just keeping the autonomic functions going. I blame the Ghost Hunters because I had a dream last night that the cats were fighting and they knocked over their food dishes and broke them. Whatever, except those damn Ghost Hunter guys came into my house all “Oh! This is so classic apparition thing behavior” and they started to set up their equipment for ghost hunting. Meanwhile I was trying to tell them that I didn’t have an angry apparition problem, just an angry cat problem but no. They insisted that I had a ghost and that my house had this huge paranormal reputation and I was all “CATS!!! No ghosts, CATS! Are you people stupid or what?!?” Then THEN then they started going on about the apparition until one actually appeared and it made me really hopping mad. I didn’t have a ghost problem until they came and now bamn! Full blown shadowy apparition with creepy glowing eyes that threw shit at people. So I had to spend the rest of the dream alternately running from a homicidal knick-knack hurling ghost and trying to find the Ghost Hunters to give them a sound beating for conjuring it up in the first place.

Stupid Ghost Hunters ruined my sleep.

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