A Friday Five (10-27-06)

WHAT??! A Friday Five? Say it ain’t so!

OK, actually it ain’t but it’s five questions I totally bogarted from Nance’s site and I’m posting them on Friday. I was just looking at that poor category the other day thinking “Wow. Haven’t done one of those in a looooong time. Maybe I should make up my own.” Buuuut lately I have been totally reveling in the Cheetoness of slothatude so I didn’t (surprise, I know) and then I saw these. Wala!

1. If someone offered you $1,000 to be a phone sex operator for 1 hour, would you do it?

One grand for an hours work? Hell yeah, sign me up! I’d so do that in a heartbeat, provided it wasn’t some video phone thing and that the perv customer had no idea who I was. Heh. Sadly, I’d probably be good for about 15 minutes of trash talking before I up and giggled like a loon though. Can phone sex operators burst into delighted crazy chick laughter or does that totally dampen the mood?

2. Have you ever left an anonymous comment online?

I rarely leave comments at all. I’m too lazy to sign up at most sites that make you sign up on their stupid sign up comment thing-it. And I’m too lazy to click on the comments to find out if I even have to sign up so that pretty much answers that question. I think once, long ago and back in the day when I occasionally did post (and when I had more pep), my work computer and I went through a phase where I kept telling it to remember my passwords and it kept ignoring me so I think I may have posted anonymously when I didn’t realize it. I think I’m going to blame my work computer for any posts I made which pissed people off. “Sorry folks, my ‘puter sucks. And it thinks that you’re an idiot. What can I say?”

3. Have you eaten something that you dropped on the floor?

Not from a restaurant or a truck stop or anything. Yuck. However, at home no holds barred. It also depends on the quality of the thing dropped. M&Ms? Every single time, pretty much, unless they land in cat puke or come off the floor sporting a cat fur muff. A soggy Cheerio? Not so much.

4. If you call someone and get an answering machine, are you more likely to leave a message or hang up?

I leave messages because I HATE it when I have come home to seven messages and six of them are some stupid person calling who can’t quite get the timing right and the answering machine picks up anyway. Message one: BEEP *click*. Message two: BEEP *click*. Message three: BEEP *click*. Message four: BEEP *click*.ARRRRRRGH!!! If you can’t figure out when the answering machine picks up, leave a damn message or I will hunt you down and break all your phone dialing fingers.

What’s worse are the people who need to get in contact with you and keep calling and not leaving a message. People! Leave a damn message, I’ll get back to you. Repeat ringing and hanging up is not endearing me to your not in contact plight.

5. What is your favorite candy bar?

Today I think it’s a tie between Twixt and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I’m feeling the cookie and the caramely of the Twixt but I just had a peanut butter cup and Mmmmmm…peanut butter. However, caramel, cookie, chocolate and peanut butter would be totally disgusting.

OK! That’s the five and don’t all y’all start calling me up expecting phone sex and then hanging up without leaving me a message when I don’t answer. OK, wait a minute – scratch that. I don’t want to listen to all y’all’s phone sex messages on my machine so…uhhhh…just don’t call. If you’ve already wired me the $1000 then I guess you are entitled to leave a message if you want but I’m also entitled to dock the answering machine time from the full hour. Damn, I’m going to need a more sophisticated answering machine that will tell me how long a message is without my having to actually listen to it.

Right! So today the Zmobies and I make a Guest appearance over at TheMan’s comic. Those crazy Zmobies. I brought a couple of them in today and have been giving them away to people. Zmobies of the world…uhhh…BRAAAAAINS! The pumpkin was really fun to hack at (and decorate with Zmobies) and believe it or not, I actually got a decently carved pumpkin out of that mess. I went with a big ol’ Cyclops looking fella (sort of like Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc) which cut out a decent chunk of the Zmobie damage. I even made an eyeball piece on a toothpick so that you can move it around and make the pumpkin look like it’s looking here and there. All I have to do now is hope the pumpkin doesn’t melt into moldy pumpkin goo between now and Tuesday.

More on the printer hunt! Which I’m sure just bored some people to tears when they had to read it the first time. Sorry that, I was working with a small brain yesterday. Anyway, this morning I finally got all my printer questions answered. Huzzah! It turns out that the one printer that was supposedly still in the repurposed room really isn’t. At least it physically isn’t. The info I have is that both printers from there are marking time all quiet like and unplugged in a storage area somewhere until the people who own the printers either pick them up or the U decides to let the printers back into the repurposed room. Grand! Except one of the two exiled printers still shows up on the printer queue as a legitimate printing option so not so grand. Apparently the fella in charge of the printer didn’t want to take it off line just in case they got the go-ahead to move the printers back into the repurposed room. Not that the printers have been sitting and gathering dust for the past four months while people have had the option to print to said closeted printer, but any day now he’ll get the news to move the printer back in. Aaaaaaaany day. Yup. Just waiting, but you’ll see.

Someday, someone’s going to plug that puppy back in and it’s going to spew out a metric ton’s worth of queued up print jobs.

I need to figure out where to get me a craftsy crap sugar daddy because lately I’ve been all a-twitter in the craftsy crap stores. Seriously. The other day while getting Smithee puppet stuff I ran across the BEST fabric for making a Halloween Hawaiian shirt. I mean…shiny black with metallic orange pumpkin faces? *SQUEEEE*!!! Never mind that I already have five yards of unfinished lime green bat material, I’m talking Metallic Orange Pumpkin Faces!!!!! Kawaii! And OoooOOooo! The Christmas fabrics are in. People, I still can’t sew any better than when I started the damn lime green bats shirt but oh the fabrics! Think of the things I *could* make. You know…if I could sew BUT THAT’S BESIDE THE POINT! Metallic!!! Pumpkin faces!!!!

And then I rounded the corner to the yarn section. Remember when I pitched a fit about the yarn selection a couple days ago? It’s like the world listened to me and suddenly stocked all the colors of yarn I was looking for the other day. Damn. There’s three or four blankets worth of yarn now just sitting there waiting to be bought by someone who has an unlimited craftsy crap budget and the time to actually do said craftsy crap projects. Maybe I need a craftsy crap sugar daddy and some craftsy crap gnomes to do my craftsy projects for me. I’ll look into that, but if I find some dishes gnomes along the way I’m totally keeping those bad boys.

As nice as it would be to have any article of clothing made out of whatever fabric suited my fancy, I’d much rather someone did my dishes for me.

Well, that’s about all for Friday. Stay tuned shortly for the 1000th booniverse entry. 1000! I’d tell you when it was but MT seems to count entries in draft and I think I have three or four JSFRs stacked up. Maybe. Well anyway, one of these days look for the grand four figure entry. Of doom.


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